Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

When creating a new character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the player can choose one of ten races. Each of them assumes a certain natural talent, innate skill and other distinctive features that allow us to go through the game in our own way.

When you first get to know Skyrim, it can be difficult for you to choose your character’s race. To make it easier for you to find the image that best suits your personality, see how the well-known zodiac signs and races from TES combine.

Altmer (High Elves) – Lions

Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

The Altmer are the elite of Tamriel. Their culture is perceived as the gold standard for art, music, science, crafts, language and magic. They are naturally talented in many things, have high intelligence and are the best magicians on the mainland.

Leo will look like a representative of this skillful and gifted race. They will thrive as leaders and innovators, although all other peoples may mistake their overconfidence for arrogance. But, given the attitude of the Altmer to magic, this character trait is a must for defeating opponents.

Argonians – Virgo

Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

Argonians find it difficult to adapt to other races, as a result, it is difficult for them to begin to trust others, as well as it is not easy for them to establish friendships and find allies. However, once their armor of mistrust is broken, reptilians are ready to risk their lives for those they hold dear.

These low-key creatures are probably best suited for Virgos. The Argonians have many traditions and rituals that would please the representatives of this sign. In addition, they are known for living in the moment and attaching great importance to the little things that the rest of the world does not know about and does not really care about.

Bosmer (Wood Elves) – Pisces

Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

Bosmer feel most comfortable in nature. They can visit cities, but they still prefer wild places and get along better with animals than with their own kind. This is partly due to a distaste for rigid rules and traditions that they believe are holding them back.

Pisces are somewhat familiar with this. Like the Bosmer, they suffer from a monotonous life and feel constrained by the rules, expectations and standards imposed on them by other people. Who will feel better than Pisces in the wild, far from civilization?

Bretons – Aquarius and Libra

Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

Descendants of people and measures, the Bretons are philosophers and deep thinkers. The best in their society will be those who are able to think abstractly, individuals with a sense of humor, as well as those who are ready to climb the professional and social ladder. Happiness and glory are the main goals of every representative of this nation.

Aquarius will enjoy intellectual conversations with other Bretons, and their innate desire to solve problems will come in handy. Libra, too, would be in the court in a society supportive of thinking individuals.

Dunmer (Dark Elves) – Cancers

Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

Dunmer are known among other peoples as gloomy arrogant people who trust only a narrow circle of their relatives and friends. They are talented enough and are equally good at using sword, bow and magic in battle. Dunmer life may be difficult, but they accept this challenge and are ready to protect their loved ones at any cost.

Cancers and dark elves have similar qualities – loyalty and reliability. It takes a while to gain the trust of both Cancer and Dunmer, but once you succeed, you will find yourself a loyal, reliable friend.

Imperials – Taurus

Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

The Imperials were able to conquer the world, and every faction they encountered either joined them or found themselves overthrown. With their ability to negotiate and bargain, they have built a thriving society and are known as some of the most educated, disciplined, and law-abiding people in Tamriel.

Taurus will find their place in this society as those who are willing to work hard are rewarded here. Since the Imperials have trade relations with all peoples, Taurus will have access to many textbooks, spell scrolls and a variety of food.

Khajiit – Sagittarius

Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

The Khajiit in Skyrim are nomads. Love for rare magical documents, sweets and moon sugar makes them travel around the world. Some people in Tamriel see them as hedonists. They themselves just want to experience everything the world has to offer and enjoy it.

To some extent, Sagittarius are similar to these cat people. Freedom and wanderings, which are so attractive to nomadic life, would make many of them happier. Of course, for this you need to be an extrovert and a daredevil, ready to experience new sensations wherever he goes, but almost any Sagittarius would cope with this.

Nords – Capricorns and Gemini

Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

Nords are a race of fierce and strong people from the cold northern lands of Skyrim. They are full of traditions dating back to ancient times, and due to their tough character they make excellent fighters, sailors and mercenaries. Nords will accept strangers in their homeland, but will not take them seriously until they prove themselves.

Capricorns will love the discipline and traditions that define the Nordic way of life. To survive in the cold north, you need to be a serious and level-headed person, and Capricorns are stubborn enough to become such. Resourceful and remarkably adaptable, Gemini will be attracted by the adventurous spirit of the harsh Nords, whether on the high seas or during battles for foreign peoples.

Orsimer (Orcs) – Aries

Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

Orcs have been ostracized by other races and have only recently become accepted, at least they are now treated better than before. But the Orcs still have a keen desire to prove themselves either in battle or in blacksmithing. Let life be difficult for them, noble and strong personalities from this people are able to reach great heights.

With such initial data, only Aries are able to succeed. Overcoming obstacles and gaining the respect of other races requires boundless enthusiasm, determination and courage, and no Aries will refuse to accept this challenge. At least out of their own stubbornness and desire to show who is the coolest here.

Redguards – Scorpions

Races in TES: Skyrim and the zodiac signs that correspond to them

Redguards are proud and independent. They are adventurers who use their natural athleticism and resourcefulness to make a name for themselves. Their traditions are not perceived as a list of prohibitions and obligations; rather, they are ideals to strive for.

Scorpios fit the Redguard image the most, given their inherent stubbornness and courage. Moreover, they will cope equally well with commanding an army in battle and with loyal guild service.

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