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Forgive my father for having a squid.

Retro Doom-style riffraffs are common these days, so getting your audience’s attention takes a special approach. How about a 2D / 3D comic-like game like XIII, where you fight the hordes of Cthulhu through their endless tentacles? How about the idea to beat a mad scientist to death with a magic broom? Oh yes, this is exactly what you need.

Forgive Me Father is coming to Early Access on Steam in October. The game already looks pretty entertaining, even though it’s not finished yet. You can choose one of two playable characters – a priest or a journalist. You have to destroy enemies from the classic myths of Cthulhu – one of them is a mind-eater warrior, covered with many breathing tubes and tentacles and somewhat reminiscent of Helghast.

Some of these squid-like guys even don nurse uniforms to blend in better with the hospital decor. In addition, you will have to fight hordes of zombies and ordinary sturdy Englishmen. In any case, they are all blown to pieces after the words “headshot” flash on the screen. Probably, at some point we will have a duel with the Great and Terrible himself.

I really like how visually clever the killing of enemies is. Shoot the warrior squid mask and it will deflate and strangle it. Shoot the slime tank on his back and it will spread all over his jacket. All these pieces of flesh flying around perfectly convey the vibes from the bloodier adaptations of Cthulhu, in addition, the events of the game unfold in typical “Lovecravian” locations, including gothic university buildings, gloomy, moonlit shipyards and a couple of crypts.

The arsenal of weapons pleases with its diversity, in addition to the usual shotguns, machine guns and crossbows, you can use the holy cross, a magic broom that curses enemies, a grenade launcher that shoots green slime and throwing knives in the form of demonic tendrils. Of course, there should be at least a drop of “sanity” in the game about Cthulhu, the developer Byte Burrell stated that the increasing madness of the character will open access to his new special skills.

Retro comic-style shooter turns Cthulhu into a bloody mess
 | Easy Online Work

Forgive Me Father is one of many 1C Entertainment projects, including Ion Fury, Graven, and Deep Sky Derelicts. The game comes out on October 28th.

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