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In March two thousand nineteen, one of the most popular casinos in the world, the online casino First casino, began its own work. The gambling establishment has the opportunity to attract attention not only by the variety of its games, but also by its appearance, strewn with bright colors. The site has a quite user-friendly interface that allows casino users to feel comfortable and convenient.

On the logo of the gambling club, there is a symbol of the Capuchin monkey First casino, which will accompany, help and resolve any issues that arise for each player of the club. The monkey symbol carries the meaning of carelessness and lightness. According to the developers, this is how the players should associate themselves when looking at the monkey. Thanks to this attitude, they can try their luck and earn good money.

Ease of use. The menu has a standard arrangement of categories. Scrolling down a little, you will find a banner that contains all the information about valid new products and promotions. Below you will find a wide range of games and entertainment. The site is quite good, as everything is convenient and understandable.

List of online casino games

An important criterion for choosing is the variety of the game base. On the official website, you can choose a game for every taste:

  • roulette;
  • slot machines;
  • lotteries;
  • video poker;
  • live casino.

The list contains quite a few games that will suit every user for every taste.

Slot machines in casinos

The list of slot machines is also quite rich. There are tons of different slots that will suit every gambling lover as well. Here you will find both current and classic entertainment options for players. Each slot is a different line with a different storyline. Which also has a huge selection of bonuses.

Jackpot Slots

Many of us like to play for high stakes. Here, the creators took care of the presence of a separate group with jackpots and slots. There are more than fifty different slot machines with additional winnings.

Live casino

A separate section has been developed for players who prefer a real dealer. Here you can find blackjack, many favorite roulette and other table entertainment. And also the live casino is unique in that there is an opportunity to meet other users. You can also unite in the company of friends and agree with other players about the further common game.

Promotions and bonus system

You cannot do without the availability of available bonuses, promotions and other discounts. To make a deposit and get very lucrative bonuses, you need to go from the official website. And new users have every chance to get all 100% of the bonus funds. If the deposit made is from $ 20 and the player makes the minimum number of bets, namely 20, then he will be able to collect his winnings.

Twice a week, the user has the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Individual promotions are held on these days. The days of the week for such promotions are Monday and Friday. Please note that your personal account must be located on the main site.

Key benefits for players

It would also be worth noting the fact that First casino is the favorite in the Worldn online casino market. This means that this is where you will find ideal conditions for the game. There are also all kinds of exclusive games. New slots that will be the first to appear on the project’s website, as well as various other promotions, will not leave you aside. And now I suggest you take a look at the main list of player benefits.


  1. Comfortable and user-friendly interface created by the best developers for players.
  2. A proven and reliable founder (who already had the well-known Play Fortuna casino in his collection).
  3. Bright and colorful design.
  4. A convenient mobile version of the casino was also thought out for phone users.
  5. Fast registration. You will need an Email, a password you have invented, your nickname and the choice of the currency in which you will play your game.
  6. A flexible system of discounts and promotions available to all players.
  7. A huge assortment of games for every taste, suitable for anyone over the age of 18.
  8. Original and modern slot machines.
  9. Withdrawing your winnings will not keep you waiting long. There are small limits, and for VIP players, there may be no limits at all.

As with many other platforms, there are some downsides here too.


  1. Due to the huge number of active users on the site, technical problems may begin on the site, but this happens very rarely.
  2. You must pass mandatory verification, which takes place only 1 time, in order to withdraw a large amount of winnings.

Withdrawing the winning amount from the casino

An honest casino review appeared quite recently, but has already established itself as a reliable and positive gambling complex. Absolutely all winnings are actually paid only if all the rules are followed. The proof is the supporting reviews, which can be viewed on the official website of the casino, from real players. For example, it is impossible to withdraw the winnings without confirming your identity. The user must be over eighteen years old, he also needs to verify his account, otherwise the winning amount remains on the site.

You definitely need to know about such principles in advance, what and how. We will tell you all the information you need to play safely and account reliability. Also in the section we will tell you how to withdraw the winning amount and how often payments are made.

The process for withdrawing money begins in the Personal Account. You can find it on the official website by following the link. In your personal account, in the withdrawal section, enter your data:

  • the amount you would like to withdraw;
  • currency;
  • the method of transfer is electronic wallets, or bank cards;
  • card number, or other details.

After that, it remains to wait until your appeal is checked and approved. On average, this is done quite quickly, in the region of 10 hours. First of all, users with high status will be checked.

The main currencies are available for players: Worldn rubles, Ukrainian hryvnia, dollars and euros. The currency is chosen when registering an account – to change it, you will need to contact the administration of the club or contact technical support, which is always available on the official website.

Conditions allowing the payment of funds

Before withdrawing the winning amount, make sure that:

  1. the account from which you play the game has passed mandatory verification. It is possible to pass it in your Personal Account, where everything is described in detail for you what documents are needed for this;
  2. Take into account that moment, if you try to withdraw funds, but all the won back bonuses are active, they will expire. Unfortunately, this is not always warned about, so be careful before withdrawing money;
  3. In order to withdraw money, the player’s account must have a minimum withdrawal amount, namely $ 20.

If you follow all these simple conditions, you will definitely be approved and sent the winning amount.

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