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People have always loved to play. At first, the Internet worlds were looking for entertainment, and then games became a pleasant opportunity for earning money. In this article, we will tell you about one of the most popular gambling sites on the Worldn Internet, which was highly appreciated by foreign fans of Internet games. It’s about Dragon Money.

The project managed to enter the international arena in just two years of online operation, thanks to a combination of genre games and generous bonuses. The collection of the site contains a variety of strategies, quests, lotteries in which participants are paid real money.

The main thing about the project

Dragon Money is a platform. which combines the most popular content from leading gaming providers. Adherents of various genres will find entertainment here to their liking. Fans of multi-level fantasy will be able to immerse themselves in the fabulous universe of Dragon Dungeon, thrill-seekers will not miss the opportunity to try their luck at Double Game, and those who want to get a quick profit will certainly choose Nvuti Game.

You can get access to the full package of games immediately after registering on the site. To do this, just log in through any social network. In the future, you can also go to the site simply – through the selected social network.

Dragon Money offers users a unique opportunity to personally verify the fairness of the results in the games. This becomes possible thanks to the integration of an interactive widget into the personal account, which allows each player to go to the library and compare the results. This can be done at any time, since all totals are stored in a common data archive.

To participate in the games, the user needs to replenish the game account using one of the payment systems (bank cards, QIWI, Piastrix, cryptocurrencies, etc.). Funds are automatically converted into conventional coins – the internal unit of settlement in Dragon Money. Winnings, bonuses, referral rewards are also paid in coins, and when money is withdrawn from the site, the coins are converted back to the selected currency.

To date, the audience of the gaming portal has exceeded 2 million people and continues to grow steadily. The main components of the success of the project:

  • rich assortment of games and entertainment;
  • excellent graphics, high-quality rendering of content;
  • multiple sources of monetization (winnings in games, bonuses, affiliate payments);
  • unique algorithm for real payments.

You can learn more about all the features of Dragon Money on the official website

Dragon Money Games

In order to evaluate the collection of games on the Dragon Money portal, it is not at all necessary to register. The most popular slots are displayed in an interactive gallery on the main page of the site. Bright widgets show brief conditions of the game, as well as the number of participants in real time. You can select a slot in advance, but only authorized users can join it. To do this, just click on the widget or enter the game directly from your personal account.

There are many game modes available on the site. The most popular ones are:

  • Double Game is a game in which the participant has every chance to quickly double the winnings. If the bet does not work, there is always an opportunity to start the game again.
  • Crush Game is an analytical game, according to which the user makes a prediction, trying to determine the potential growth of the line in a given period of time. So, if the line doubles upon activation of the stop command, the participant will be rewarded with a doubled win.
  • Jackpot Game is a team game where players place random bets to the common pot. The chances of winning are proportional to the declared bet – the higher it is, the higher the probability of withdrawing the pot.
  • Nvuti Game – Probability Theory in Action. The game attracts with the opportunity to independently choose the probability of winning, which is strictly tied to its amount in inverse relationship. In other words, a high coefficient reduces the size of the potential winnings.
    You can relax after the game in the mega-active chat of the project. Access here is activated upon reaching the threshold balance of $ 0.14 (equivalent to 100 rubles).

Bonuses and divisions

The Dragon Money portal has all the conditions for the game, regardless of external circumstances. Here, participants are provided with a replenishment reserve of funds that can be saved or used in bets.

The bonus program covers all types of activities on the project. For example, immediately after logging into your personal account, a new member receives a welcome bonus in cash. Log in to the platform every day and increase your account by 15 free coins. Want more? Receive another 1 coin every 5 minutes from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM London Time (10:00 AM to midnight Moscow time).

The site generously thanks users for their loyalty. Members who subscribe to Dragon Money’s official social media accounts are also guaranteed cash bonuses. If the player links a Telegram account and connects two-factor protection, he will receive 50 more conventional coins, and if he allows the VK community to notify him of important events, he will be awarded 30 coins.

The next type of bonuses in Dragon Money is event bonuses. The platform celebrates important calendar dates together with its participants, presenting pleasant monetary gifts to everyone. For example, now you can get coins dedicated to the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War and the beginning of summer.

Along with the basic features, a number of incentive options are available to players. By pumping up their game status (division), participants can claim additional preferences in the form of premium stickers or participation in the project chat. Full information about all game statuses is posted on the official website in the “Divisions” section. The maximum opportunities are provided by the Gold division, its owners have access to the full functionality of the site without any restrictions.

How to make money in the Dragon Money referral program

The Dragon Money affiliate program is a source of passive income for project participants and an opportunity to increase money savings for active players. Each new user of the platform automatically becomes a member of the affiliate program.

The participant’s referral code has already been generated in the personal account. Use it when inviting friends to the game, and the system will charge you 0.5% of all your referral’s bets. Invite 10 active players and the reward will increase to 0.7%. The referral bonus code is interesting not only for referrals, but also for new members of the platform. Using it when registering, a beginner gets 50 first coins to start the game.

You can track the dynamics of participation in the affiliate program in your personal account using an interactive widget. It reflects the status of the member and the number of invited referrals in real time.

How to withdraw money

The withdrawal function on the dragonmoney platform is activated when the minimum account balance is reached at $ 0.42 (30 rubles). The amount is symbolic and you can collect it in any of the available ways: playing, collecting bonuses or attracting new members. But in order to withdraw money, you will need to make a deposit at least once. The condition is not burdensome, but it allows you to cut off fake registrations.

Many popular directions are available for withdrawing funds: bank cards, electronic wallets QIWI, Piastrix, cryptocurrency. You can order a payment at any convenient time, the payment will be made within a few minutes. The time for crediting money depends on the conditions of the selected operator and, as a rule. does not exceed 24 hours.

Reviews on Dragon Money

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of reviews about Dragon Money. Among the bulk of positive opinions, there are negative comments from those who could not overcome the craving for gambling and lost their deposit.

Among the positive aspects, the participants noted:

  • responsive website design;
  • simple and user-friendly interface;
  • a large selection of game content;
  • ample opportunities for earning money;
  • mega-active chat.

The disadvantages of players include the duration of processing requests to support the site.

You can study the reviews on the official website, as well as on social networks: VKontakte, Telegram, YouTube.

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