Ride a blazing city looking for love in Fire Tonight | Easy Online Work

Is the fire burning in the city or in our hearts?

This is 1990, there are no mobile phones or the Internet yet, and when a fire interrupts the telephone connection between Maya and Devin, there is only one solution: videos. Although there are not so old-fashioned methods of transportation – “car” and “train”. One way or another, Maya travels through the city on fire to be close to her beloved. At the same time, Fire Tonight, a puzzle about the reunion of this pair, comes out.

As Maya makes her way through town, Devin looks at the memorabilia of their relationship – the player is already in the trailer, and hopefully there are tapes in there. This is the one thing I’ve always wanted from 90s-inspired multimedia.

Publisher Way Down Deep is committed to non-violent gaming, so Fire Tonight is now part of a range of games that also includes Date Night Bowling. Bowling is definitely a more enjoyable idea for a couple in love to spend an evening in a city that won’t burn. Well, or go rollerblading.

Fire Tonight is already available on Steam for $ 5.99 / 4.49 with an additional 20% start-up discount until August 19th.

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