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The game has sunk into oblivion and never saw the light of day. Rest in peace, Agent.

Rockstar has hammered the final nail into the coffin of one of their most promising projects. Previously, information about Agent was indicated on the official Rockstar website, but alas, more recently it disappeared somewhere. For the first time, an open world spy game was talked about in 2007, and in 2009 it was supposed to be exclusive to PlayStation 3. Agent was a rather promising project and for many years we waited for its release, but since 2010 Sony stopped giving any comments regarding this.

After that, the project was still fluttering, because it promised to be a large fish, so to speak. Based on data published on Polygon in 2019, it can be concluded that Agent was a concept for another game that Rockstar San Diego worked on in the mid-2000s. And what happened to her? A former project participant commented: “We tried our best to save the project, but our leader, Sam, was more interested in launching Red Dead Redemption, so all efforts were thrown into the development of RDR, and Agent was put on the back burner.”

Apparently, Agent was inspired by The Professionals and the James Bond films. In 2005, the project was taken over by Rockstar North, but there are rumors that Rockstar Leeds had a hand in it as well.

Rockstar finally got Agent out of his misery
 | Easy Online Work

Another source, Polygon, described it this way: “Rockstar North took the ideas of Rockstar San Diego and took the right course. They put on a little test demo that just blew our brains out. We were absolutely delighted. It seems that there was even a car that turned into a submarine and we are like – Oh, nafig! “

After some time, talk about the project died down. But in 2016, Take-Two re-registered the game’s trademark, and information about it was still hanging on the Rockstar website. All of the above kept fans believing in a successful outcome. But in 2019, the publisher did not renew the trademark and this step was the beginning of the end for Agent. All hopes were dead.

For several years, concept art and fragments of game locations have surfaced on the network, but in 2010 all resources were redirected to the development of Grand Theft Auto V. The spy shooter never came out, but while playing Grand Theft Auto we, albeit unknowingly , saw many developments, quests and items that were intended for Agent.

Rockstar finally got Agent out of his misery
 | Easy Online Work

“We’ve always loved doing action games and it seemed that Agent would fit perfectly into the genre.” – said Sam Hauser during the announcement of the game. “We have been hatching plans for the creation of Agent for a long time. The Edinburgh team is working hard to seamlessly combine the atmosphere of the era, the intricate story and the frantic action to create something completely unique. We can’t wait to get you to play this game. “

Unfortunately, this is not destined to happen. The agent was a promising project – one of the studio’s best teams was working on it. Its closure indicates that creating games is incredibly time-consuming and that some ideas are scrapped at the development stage because they are being swallowed up by larger projects.

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