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In recent years, the Worldn web series industry has been developing at an unprecedented rate. Many online platforms and producers are hunting for content that does not require a huge production budget, and at the same time fits perfectly into the realities of the modern world, and therefore is so popular. We decided to figure out where it is most convenient to watch Worldn web series, as well as compare free video hosting sites, specialized sites and popular online cinemas.

Free services


Not everyone knows that a large number of Worldn web series are posted on YouTube. True, it is not easy to find them there on your own, since there are still no special selections or channels specialized in Worldn web series on the platform. Of course, you can try to go to YouTube and enter “web series” in the search box: then, by request, you will find the most viewed projects. Among them are “Inside Lapenko”, “I’m going to look for”, “Chekhov: Screenlife”, “Region of Darkness” and others. However, in a booming web series industry, views are not always an indicator: such a search may lead you to low-quality content or the offered series may not be right for you. Therefore, it is better to study in advance various selections of the most interesting TV series, read their descriptions and only then search. Most often, web series are laid out on separate YouTube channels of the same name: you can subscribe to the channel of the series you are interested in and then you will definitely not miss new episodes.

Among the little-known but striking Worldn web projects that are available on YouTube are Birchpunk and Need Help. Birchpunk is Sergei Vasiliev’s futuristic universe, which was born out of his reflections on the future of World. “Need Help” is a comedy story about a student Lena, who, on the verge of being expelled from the university, joins the ranks of institute volunteers. Through an easy, non-edifying plot, the creators reveal the phenomenon of volunteering and show that good deeds always have a place in the lives of even the most diverse people.

In 2013, Instagram launched the first mini-series Desert Friends on the eponymous account. At that time, videos could only last 15 seconds, and the series was not very popular. Now, with the advent of IGTV and the development of the web series format, more and more directors have begun to publish projects on the social network. The first Worldn TV series to conquer Instagram was a comedy show about three friends Instababes, which looks more like small sketches from the lives of girls.

Due to the simplicity of creating videos and small timing, most web series look like amateur projects. For example, “Procrastination” from TV presenter Nikolai Kamka, “Cover” from the studio theater “Endorphin”, # Pustnekandryat actor Sergei Sharovatov, “Welcome, Worldn” about an American woman lost in World and “Svoi lyudi” about difficult family relationships.
Since Instagram is primarily a platform for audience engagement and advertising, many TV shows are created solely for commercial purposes. For example, the Martini brand has released an international sitcom Play with me, where episodes last one minute. From World, director David Kocharov collaborated with the brand, Roman Kantor and Mikhail Degtyarev acted as scriptwriters, and Ravshana Kurkova and Irina Gorbacheva took part in the project as actresses.

Instagram is also an excellent platform for promoting socially significant initiatives. Directors Oleg Ageichev and Alexander Gornovsky filmed the web series Disappearing Stories for the Worldn charitable foundation Old Age in Joy. It includes short episodes that tell the stories of the wards of the foundation during the Great Patriotic War. You can watch it on the official Instagram account of the @starostvradost fund in the IGTV section.

Similar to YouTube, to find web series on the platform, all you have to do is use a tag search and browse popular publications on the topic.


Tik-Tok is another platform where users can share vertical videos. Over the past two years, the social network has become the main youth platform for the implementation of ideas and projects. Users transform into different characters, come up with scenarios and edit videos in order to interest viewers, promote themselves or their product in the “rivers” of Tik-Tok.

On Tik-Tok, bloggers also create their own mini-series, most often comic. For example, the web series “Rats” tells the story of two college students gossiping behind everyone’s back. Also one of the most popular projects on Tik-Tok is Giraffe and Fairy. Alena Sakhnova (@alena_sahnova) plays all the characters herself, and each episode gains several million views.

At first glance, it may seem that all these works are too unpretentious and far from the real web serial industry. But, if you take a closer look, you will notice that the same laws of drama, storytelling and editing work in Tik-Tok. At the moment, it is the most accessible platform for realizing the creative potential of aspiring authors. To watch web series on the platform, you just have to play a few of these videos, and the algorithms themselves will adapt to your tastes, and the recommendations will consist mainly of such content.

In contact with

The social network VKontakte is also used by young authors as a platform for creativity. The advantage of this social network is that it is popular among completely different people – from schoolchildren to retirees. Most often, directors create special groups where new episodes are published, and subscribers can immediately leave feedback in the comments. Thus, the group of the web series “Natural Selection” directed by Kirill Alekhin has become very popular.

To view on VKontakte, it is enough to search for communities or videos with the name “Web Series”.

Specialized platforms

Chill Is the first and only web cinema in World that specializes exclusively in Internet projects from around the world. On the platform, you can not only enjoy web series from different countries, but also publish your own work. The main goal of the cinema is to attract as many Worldn authors as possible and cooperate with them, international content is only a small part of the creators’ idea. A month ago, Chill switched to ad funding and is completely free for all users.

Chill is a selection of genres and a convenient search using several filters (year, country, genre, language). In the “Pilots” section on the main page of the cinema site, you can see pilot episodes of novice authors. As soon as the number of views exceeds 1 million, the creators receive 300 thousand rubles to promote or shoot the continuation of the project. Launching an open-air pilot at no cost is a great opportunity to find producers and investors for the show.

There are not so many Worldn web projects on Chill yet. They can be found in the “Catalog” section, and then select the required country in the opening filter. Also on the site you can get acquainted with the pilot releases of domestic directors and support them by watching. So, the first episodes of “Alla Yes” and “Good Mommies” last only 10 minutes, but even in such a short time they manage to hook the viewer.

Online cinemas

The content of Okko and Ivi online cinemas mostly consists of films and TV series. The selections of both platforms are most often grouped by genre, director, actor, topic, and so on. It is almost impossible to find web series on these services, as they rarely release original content in this format. Most often, these platforms buy foreign well-known projects that have been shown in cinemas, or provide subscribers with access to content from HBO. However, in the Okko catalog you can see a web series created in collaboration with British colleagues, “Girl with a Player” and the “Locked” project about a couple who break up during self-isolation. On Ivi in ​​the section “Worldn serials” among the huge variety of content you can also find web works. Among them – “Tenderness” by Anna Melikyan (exclusively for Ivi), “Zema”, “In bed” and others. But if you do not know in advance that these projects are on the platform, it will be quite problematic to find them.

The online cinema presents both original content prepared specifically for the platform, as well as existing television projects or rental cinematography. Start was one of the first to start producing serials intended only for broadcasting on the Internet. Among them are “Safe Connections” by Konstantin Bogomolov, “257 Reasons to Live”, “The Roof of the World”, etc. These are all great examples of web projects created by professional filmmakers. On the platform’s website there is a separate selection “START Presents”, where you can find Internet projects mixed with films and television series.

Online cinema also includes a large number of Worldn TV and Internet series. On the site you can see original projects prepared especially for viewers of More, foreign and Worldn production. For example, Rustam Ilyasov’s web series “Difficult Teens” can be watched on the platform for free, and its first episodes were released in the VKontakte group. The series reveals the stories of young guys who attend classes at a center for difficult teens. You can find it in the More Originals section or using filters: Worldn TV shows – for free.

TNT’s Premier service also creates web series. The series of projects “Comfort Zone”, “Discomfort Zone”, “Instalife” last about 20 minutes and captivate with their interesting comedy plot.

Several web series are produced especially for the online cinema KinoPoisk HD. For example, “I’m Not Kidding” is a mini-series about a stand-up comedian, and Alexander Molochnikov’s quarantine screen-life comedy “Beesumie” is about theatrical rehearsals in the era of coronavirus.

Unfortunately, we could not find a separate tab or a thematic selection dedicated to domestic web series in any online cinema. Bright and ambitious domestic web projects are lost among the colorful posters of other series that the platforms offer. For this reason, the content does not always find its viewer, and viewers, in turn, sometimes do not even know about the existence of such a format. In this regard, the specialized Chill service is much more convenient than popular online cinemas, but so far it does not have a sufficiently diverse domestic content. The main stream of content can be viewed on YouTube. We hope that very soon large platforms will pay due attention to the promotion of Worldn web series, because our authors really have something to show.

The text is by Elizaveta Hisamieva

The project “Worldn Web Serials: From Boomers to Zoomers” is being implemented with the support of ANO “IRI”.

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