Ryzen Controller Released to Overclock AMD Processors

Intel over the past two years has very much lost its position in the market of processors for various kinds of electronic devices. Probably, the brand’s management counted on the fact that no one could compete with it, but everything suddenly changed when AMD from the USA began to release one by one relatively inexpensive chips from the Ryzen family. Moreover, all processors from the “red” brand are factory overclocked, that is, they are already working at the limit of their capabilities, while chips from Intel have to be overclocked manually, which is usually done by manufacturers of laptops, tablets, all-in-ones, stationary PCs or other devices, or common users by changing BIOS settings.

On the one hand, it is really convenient when the processor is working to its fullest right from the factory, because this does not require spending time on manual overclocking, and at the same time reducing power consumption. However, this state of affairs has a downside, and it lies in the fact that all AMD processors of one specific model are not overclocked to the fullest, because the quality of the crystals in each chip is different, so some average averaged value is used so that all processors can on this it is correct to work. That is why many users who want to “survive” from their “hardware” as much as possible are looking for various capabilities that allow them to achieve this.

Ryzen Controller Released to Overclock AMD Processors

Now everyone can really do this, but of course exclusively at their own peril and risk. The Ryzen Controller Team has released a dedicated overclocking application for AMD processors. This software is independent, that is, an American corporation did not take part in its creation. With this software, called the Ryzen Controller, you can overclock the Ryzen chip above the factory settings. This enthusiast utility currently supports most Ryzen 2000 (Raven Ridge), Ryzen 3000 (Picasso) and Ryzen 4000 (Renoir) mobile processors. The developers promise to keep their software up to date, regularly updating it as needed.

Ryzen Controller Released to Overclock AMD Processors

Using this program for Windows and a number of other operating systems, you can fine-tune your AMD processor, thereby unlocking its full potential. For example, the Ryzen Controller utility allows you to change the maximum temperature of the processor, at which it will shutdown abnormally, set the voltage supplied to the chip, set the maximum clock frequency for each of the cores, and also set other parameters that affect both the speed with a few mouse clicks. and the degree of energy consumption. The program is distributed free of charge, but its developers do not bear any responsibility for the thoughtless actions of users, therefore, this software should only be used by those who understand and are aware of what they are doing. You can download this overclocking program for Ryzen processors from the developers’ website, where it is available in a version for Windows 10, as well as Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and Red Hat).

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