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The release trailer shares opinions.

Developer Volition’s Saints Row told fans that he would “not back down” on the reboot project after the preview trailer sparked controversy.

The game relaunch was announced at Gamescom this week. It said goodbye to the former Saints from 3rd Street in favor of a shaggy quartet of crime bosses. According to VGC, the trailer received a huge number of “dislikes” on various YouTube channels, often exceeding or almost equal to the number of “likes”.

Looking at the responses on Twitter about the game’s announcement, you will face the same criticism. User Saints Row decided to cheekily respond to one comment with GIF “haters will have a hard time”, and then more seriously replied that the studio was not going to “deviate from its idea”, and the developers “understand that this is something new, and such a violent reaction to reboot like never before. “

Most of the resentment seems to stem from the fact that the restart doesn’t retain the same “feel” as the older Saints Row games. It makes sense – while the series took a while to become unique, by the time Saints Row: The Third was released, it had grown into a unique feature of its own. But, as studio development director Jim Boone said in a preview, these projects are no longer as relevant to the modern world.

“We love [старые игры Saints Row]but we also recognize that these are the games of the time, ”he said. “They made sense in that era, and we could make games that seemed good to us in the old days. But games like this are not what we want to bring to life today. ”

I personally liked the trailer, and I’m already looking forward to what new modern Saints Row can bring. I have never been a huge fan of CGI trailers that do not represent the actual gameplay, so I will be anxious to see if the old Saints Row madness continues in this game.

Saints Row will be released on February 25, 2022 in an exclusive Epic Games Store format.

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