Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

The world of Skyrim is complex and detailed, as are the characters living in it. Here are the ones that players remember the most.

Skyrim is full of new and unforgettable characters that are woven into the lore of The Elder Scrolls. The characters that inhabit the world of the title are diverse. Some of them are important to the story, while others just add variety. Many go back to previous Elder Scroll games, while others offer entirely new stories.

Characters range from ancient dragon priests to nobles who talk too much. Some offer players new features, such as a companion system, while others simply offer help when needed. Some have left their mark on the world, while others will likely disappear over time, but remain forever in the hearts of players.

Nazim that players love to hate

Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

A non-player character that is probably the most killed by players. He is an inhabitant of Whiterun and, apparently, a noble inhabitant of the Cloud Quarter – a fact that he spontaneously reveals to the Dragonborn every time he has the misfortune of encountering him.

Worse, he does so even if the player is recognized as the Dragonborn, the killer of Alduin, the savior of Tamriel. His smug and condescending tone only makes matters worse.

Lydia, the Dragonborn’s loyal companion

Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

It is not that remarkable, but it is the first experience for players with the companion system. When the Dragonborn becomes Thane of Whiterun, he appoints Lydia as Huscarl.

Unfortunately, unlike some of the other companions, Lydia is not invulnerable and often meets gruesome deaths that frighten beginner players. However, she is still a memorable character and a loyal friend.

Jarl Balgruff, leader of Vaytran

Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

Jarl of Whiterun, serving as the base for the Dragonborn in the first part of the main questline. He befriends the Dragonborn and makes him his Thane. This gives the player the option to buy a house in Whiterun, which makes life much easier.

Balgruf has several crazy plans, including the desire to imprison a living dragon in his tower. He is a strong leader who supports his people in times of crisis.

Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, leader of the rebellion

Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

Leader of the Stormcloaks, a Nord who is fighting a war against the Empire in an attempt to gain independence. He is a charismatic leader and seems to have a compelling motive for his actions; however, he believes that Skyrim should only be for the Nords, which puts other races in an awkward position.

Ulfric can be supported or fought against. If the Dragonborn kills him before completing the main quest, he will appear in Sovngarde. Ulfric is not the most likable character, but his mark on Skyrim history is significant.

Dolphin, the last of the Blades

Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

Owner of a small and modest tavern in Riverwood. But in the end, she turns out to be the last of the Blades, a group of loyal warriors whose sole purpose is to protect and serve those with dragon blood.

She supports the Dragonborn and helps him defeat Alduin. Dolphin, like Esbern, represents the side of the Blades that the Dragonborn can choose instead of the Order of the Greybeards.

Arngeir, the Greybeard Monk

Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

Leader of the Greybeards, an order of monks whose sole purpose is to learn the Way of the Voice. When the Dragonborn’s identity is revealed, they call him to High Hrothgar, the Throat of the World. Arngeir is the only Greybeard who can speak to the Dragonborn, providing valuable information and telling a story.

Arngeir advocates letting Paarthurnax live in defiance of the Blades. He can also tell the Dragonborn where the Words of Power are in Skyrim.

Serana, Ancient Vampire

Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

She appears in the Dawnguard expansion and becomes an ally of the player. She is one of the first vampires created by Molag Bal, the Daughter of Coldharbour. Serana is incredibly old, she lived before the formation of the Empire. She tells the Dragonborn interesting stories about her life and the nature of vampires.

Serana is considered by many fans to be one of the most versatile and well-written characters in Skyrim. She is remembered for being one of the few characters whose path is influenced by the Dragonborn, because she has a choice – to continue to be a vampire or to heal.

Esbern, Blade Historian

Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

Oldest member of the Blades. As the keeper of their lore, he knows a lot about the history of the order, as well as the history of the ancient Septim family that were once emperors of Tamriel.

Esbern leads the protagonist to the temple, where the prophecy of the last Dragonborn is conveyed in the form of a bas-relief. He interprets prophecy by paving the way for history. Esbern plays an important role in the main quest of Skyrim and leaves a lasting impression in the memory of players.

Power-hungry Dragonborn Mirak

Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

The main antagonist of the Dragonborn add-on. A former dragon priest, he betrayed his dragon masters for power. Mirak is a parallel with the last Dragonborn. He causes the player to question their role in Tamriel.

The character also illustrates what the last Dragonborn could become if he was as power-hungry as Mirak. He is a worthy adversary with complex motives and complements the Dragonborn lore perfectly.

Paarthurnax, the dragon

Skyrim: 10 most memorable characters

While dragons are a dime a dozen in Skyrim, very few of them are willing to chat. While the dragons Odaving and Durnevir, who lives in the Cairn of Souls, are ready to exchange a few words, Paarthurnax has completely rejected his villainous past and now sits in isolation in the Throat of the World.

Talking to a dragon, especially one as old as Paarthurnax, is an unforgettable experience. Despite his isolation, he craves conversation and enjoys long conversations about philosophy. He has a special relationship with the Dragonborn and is an excellent example of overcoming the darkest aspects of his nature.

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