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Arthmoor, the creator of Live Another Life, Open Cities and other well-known mods, is protesting the changes in the site’s policy.

The popular Nexus Mods forum recently announced that users who upload files will no longer be able to delete them. The site plans to add the ability to create collections that will allow people to generate lists of compatible mods to download with one click. If a mod that other users rely on is removed, it will break any collection that contains it. Instead, modders will be able to save artwork they don’t want to see on the site by removing the mod’s front pages, but leaving the files available in the collections to which they were added.

Some modders were unhappy with this move and took advantage of Nexus Mods’ policy to allow file deletion if they applied before August 5th. The last modder to require the files to be removed was Arthmoor, in charge of mods for Skyrim such as Alternate Start – Live Another Life, which allows players to skip the introduction and tutorial and has been downloaded over eight million times, and Cutting Room Floor, Run For Your Lives, Paarthurnax Dilemma, Open Cities, Ars Metallica – Smithing Enhancement and others. Arthmoor has also posted mods for Oblivion and Morrowind on the site and requires them to be removed as well.

However, Arthmoor mods will remain available on the AFK Mods site, which allows mods to be removed. And the group projects that Arthmoor participated in to create unofficial updates for Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, and Fallout 4 will remain on Nexus Mods.

“It is hoped that the current efforts of several parties to launch sites that recognize the mod’s legitimate right to remove their content will succeed and provide much-needed competition in this matter,” he writes.

Among modders, there is a significant difference between those who view their work as an expression of individual creativity – personal projects for which they are responsible, and those who see their work as an addition – part of a general community project that aims to make the game better. While the latter are happy to hand over control of the work to leading sites, curators, and listmakers, the former want to retain ownership of their work. Wrye, creator of the Morrowind modding app Wrye Mash, summarized the two approaches as “Cathedral vs. Parlor ”(cathedral versus salon), which is a pretty good explanation of the two concepts and why there will always be conflict between them.

We will continue to update our lists of the best Skyrim mods and the best Skyrim Special Edition mods to point to new addresses for mods that have been moved or alternatives to themes that have been removed entirely.

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