Solving the mysteries of a wild western in Frog Detective 3 | Easy Online Work

Frog Detective 3 is the final part of the Frog Detective saga, which will be released in 2021.

Yeah, guys, it’s time to get on the saddle and hit the road. On the trail of … riddles. Or something like that.

Judging by the premiere of PC Gaming, an amphibious detective, the solver of mystical riddles has returned to try to determine whether a crime has been committed, but you can be sure that our frog will turn everything into a noisy scrape.

Grace Bruxner, the game’s developer, announced on her Twitter the latest installment in the Frog Detective series, Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy Country. She also confirmed the information that the title detective and the good old Lobster cop will return to the game.

Previous installments in the Frog Detective series have sold over half a million copies.

The Steam page says: “Frog Detective 3 is a first-person quest game. Talk to witnesses, collect evidence, smile blankly and just be a frog. If you’re looking for a really hard detective job, then you probably got the wrong page. ” Sounds good to me.

Frog Detective 3 is being developed by Grace Brucksner and Thomas Bowker in partnership with Worms Club and SUPERHOT PRESENTS. Previous games in the Frog Detective series on both Steam and, as well as the official game site

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