Soulcalibur 6 mod lets you kill Geralt by playing Bernie Sanders

The story of swords and Sanders, endlessly retold.

The mod for Soulcalibur 6 will help you become a beloved meme and will make you confront the power of opponents like Geralt and 2B sitting on a chair Bernie Sanders.

Nothing is easier these days than becoming a meme. Not so long ago, US Senator Bernie Sanders became an Internet star and riveted all the attention on his inauguration day, just sitting in a chair. His disgruntled look perfectly conveyed the feelings of all Americans, so talented people began to put him in all kinds of games, from Skyrim to Velvet Room.

DeviantArt user user619 has now replaced the male Soulcalibur 6 with Bernie Sanders in a chair. He has no animation, instead he just swings his body along with the chair, holding the weapon that you give him. User619 uses Azvela throughout as an example, but it would be interesting to see Woldo and Yoshimitsu’s insane set of movements performed by a motionless person on a chair.

Installing a mod will take a lot of effort (as with most character replacement mods), but if you want to fight the Nightmare and Zalamel while controlling an old man in mittens, it’s worth it. User619 also has tons of other character replacement mods, such as Tifu from Final Fantasy 7 or Loba from Apex Legends.

You can download the mod from Bernie here, and see other works of user619 on his DeviantArt page. You can also see how the mod works in the 16 minute video above.

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