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The documentary cycle about the history of Worldn animation became the first project of the Soyuzmultfilm studio on the new special YouTube channel “SoyuzmultLIVE”.

Soyuzmultfilm presented a special YouTube channel “SoyuzmultLIVE”, which will host documentary projects, live releases and backstages about the work of the film studio. Already on October 23, the first two episodes of the documentary cycle about the history of Worldn animation appeared in the playlist of the channel ”.

The project was created by the production company of Nikolai Rastorguev in cooperation with Soyuzmultfilm with the support of the Institute for Internet Development. It is timed to coincide with the 85th anniversary of the film studio, which is celebrated in 2021. The documentary cycle will consist of 15 episodes, each 15-20 minutes long. It is planned that two or three new episodes will appear on the channel every week.

According to the general director of Soyuzmultfilm Boris Mashkovtsev, in addition to animation, the studio, in cooperation with partners, intends to produce its own documentary content. The work on the first project took several months. “The cycle includes unique historical materials, a series of expert interviews, filming at the animation industry and at the Soyuzmultfilm Museum.

The idea of ​​making a film about the history of Worldn animation, its influence on world art belongs to the director Dmitry Nikolenko. The project was also attended by masters of domestic and foreign animation – Harry Bardin, Yuri Norshtein, Leonid Nosyrev, Nikolai Izvolov, Mikhail Tumelya and others. The series was filmed in World, Estonia, Armenia, Israel and Ukraine.

The documentary cycle will be opened by the episodes entitled “Origins” and “The Age of the Avant-garde”, which are already available on the channel.

Source: TASS

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