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Epic Games’ next-generation engine will be the backbone of the post-apocalyptic shooter.

Stalker 2, powered by Unreal Engine 5, will be released next year, GSC Game World tweeted. This will be one of the first releases to use Epic Games’ massive engine update, and perhaps the most anticipated of them all.

STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl is the sequel to the iconic classic shooter trilogy with a thrilling immersion in the atmosphere. Over the years, we have learned a lot about it, since it was announced and not announced, canceled and not canceled, canceled again, and passed from one developer to another.

Unreal Engine 5 was first introduced last year, but it won’t be officially released until early 2022. It was previously confirmed that Stalker 2 used the Unreal Engine 4. This means Epic was likely actively involved in the development of “Stalker 2,” advising on technical details and helping with optimizations as the game was finalized.

It is possible that the game was developed at 4 and moved to 5. The switch to Unreal Engine 5 could explain Stalker 2 entering the market on April 28, 2022, rather than this year. Judging by the system requirements for “Stalker 2”, it will certainly work on equipment designed for UE5.

The graphics of the Stalker 2 do look pretty impressive, as evidenced by my favorite demo so far, which focuses on very, very realistic teeth. If one Xbox 360 character can fit in the eyelashes of an Unreal Engine 5 character, how much do you think can fit in their teeth? Dozen? Three dozen? A hundred?

I guess gold teeth can hold more, right? Five hundred? Thousand? How many Markus Phoenixes are there per tooth – that’s what I need to know. Give me the Phoenix to Tooth ratio.

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