Starfield is “a little more hardcore” than Bethesda’s past RPGs, according to Todd Howard. | Easy Online Work

If roleplay in Fallout 4 was a disappointing experience for you, then this news may please you.

We’ve learned more about Starfield in the past 24 hours than in three years combined. Yesterday at E3 we saw a teaser trailer for the first time, which gave us a lot of interesting details to puzzle over (including, of course, a hint of The Elder Scrolls 6).
In today’s new interview with The Telegraph, Bethesda Executive Producer Todd Howard revealed a lot of new information regarding the space RPG.

“It’s a bit more hardcore roleplay than we’ve ever done,” Howard tells The Telegraph. “She had a really good role-playing system – being able to choose a character story, something like that. We’re going back to things that were used in our games a long time ago; to the things that we think most have allowed players to express their character in the character. “

Not the best explanation as to why this game is more difficult than past Bethesda titles, but it will be good news for fans who criticized Fallout 4 for being a narrower roleplay system compared to the earlier games in the series.

Howard also confirmed that Starfield, like Skyrim or Fallout, will be in both first-person and third-person perspectives, with the ability for players to change the camera view to their liking. And just like Skyrim and Fallout, Starfield has a big story, with the freedom to step away from it and do other things in the game. “If you just want to spend time watching the sunset and picking flowers, that will be possible too.”

Additionally, Howard reaffirmed the futuristic – but not so much that players might not recognize – graphics in Starfield. “So what you’re looking at is a ship – 300 years in the future, you can probably design a much nicer one, right? These are the cornerstones of the current space program, ”says Howard. “Based on this, you can draw an imaginary line between them.”

And there will be aliens in Starfield. Not just alien creatures or those creatures from the game’s concept art, but entire alien races, the details of which Howard (unfortunately) did not provide. But that doesn’t sound like just a bunch of people to meet and interact with as you explore the world of Starfield.