Starmancer Space Station Simulator Released August 5 | Easy Online Work

The space colony game will be available in Early Access.

At the Future Games Show, we got to see Starmancer again, a space station simulator published by Chucklefish. You are an artificial intelligence that has been given control over the entire station and its personnel. Customize rooms and keep an eye on supplies that should be enough for all your colonists. The game is made in a pixel style, and all objects that are attached to each other or fall into place look very nice.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a space Stardew Valley. The Starmancer has its own sinister overtones. You are encouraged to fill the rooms with “cheerful drawings to remind the colonists how friendly and reliable you are, and motivational posters to show them how much you value their productivity.” In addition to space ports and laboratories, you can also build “Mystery Egg Incubators”. Your station can also be visited by a couple of pirates or space zombies. In the end, you have a choice: follow protocols or become an offender.

Starmancer will be out in Early Access on August 5th on Steam.