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The online cinema KION presented the 2021 competition program as part of the annual Street Cinema Festival. The event took place on June 15 in the capital’s cinema “Illusion”, which was attended by the cinema and show business figures: Oksana Akinshina, Grigory Vernik, Yana Gladkikh, Aksinya Gog, Svetlana Kamynina, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Mikhail Teynik, Varvara Shmykova, Julia Beretta, Ilya Bachurin, Anfisa Vistingauzen, Alena Babenko, Daria Feklenko, Alexey Alekseev, Nikolay Kovbas, Sofia Doniants, Maria Yanycheva, Sasha Naumova, Dmitry Kotov, press and critics.

The event began with the presentation of projects of the KION platform – a product of the ecosystem of the MTS-Media company.

“I understood for sure that the Street Cinema Festival site is completely unique for any online cinema. People who spend two hours of their time on a warm summer evening at the show of the Worldn short film are like the audience of KION. These are the viewers for whom we make premieres “, – noted Igor Mishin, General Director of MTS-Media.

In the evening, on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, nine short films by domestic artists, filmed over the past two years, were presented to the audience: “Expert” Galina Maslennikova, “Varya” Niki Gorbushina, “Focus group” Alexey Karpov, “It seemed” Baibulata Batullina, “Bodyguard” Oksana Karas, “An easy way to quit smoking” Anna Kolchina and Alexey Kuzmin-Tarasov, “And hi” Natalia Meshchaninova and Boris Khlebnikov, “Ink Sea” Ivana Sosnina and “Play everyone” Ivana Petukhova.

The show began with a key theme of the past two years – coronavirus infection. In work “And hi!” she was skillfully played on the example of a married couple going to the supermarket. The character Stephen Devoninaacting “according to instructions” turns ordinary shopping into the hysterical grotesque of our time with good humor and a special attitude to existing reality. Constant antiseptic treatment of gloves, changing masks every 10 minutes, an almost paranoid line of behavior contrast with two brutal characters Maxim Lagashkina and Alexandra Robaka, one of whom, in front of the pedantic protagonist, helps the other out by borrowing his mask so that he can pay off at the checkout. In many everyday situations, the viewer can easily find his acquaintances, subtle humor and satire color the short film with shades in style Mikhail Zadornov “When it’s funny, then it’s not scary” or “Long live that thanks to which we, in spite of everything.”

The next picture presented at the festival is “Play for everyone.” A very poignant and humane film about the continuity of generations, about the purity of fortitude. Five different people, five different destinies, united by one old minibus and a small brass band, go to the next “coven” to play several tunes for a small fee. The business is familiar and familiar to them, but this time the hero of the occasion will not come out to the musicians.

The film was shot with slightly muted, washed-out colors, the camera works against the sun, and even the green landscapes outside the minibus window look dull nondescript. The road to the place of performance is full of bumps and puddles, as if symbolizing the fate and lives of the characters. This is an emotionally powerful picture with a philosophical message.

Third job – film “Ink Sea”. The main character is a young sailor Sasha (Vladimir Sarapultsev) works on a container ship of the Far Eastern Shipping Company, makes voyages around the world and sends postcards and letters to his father from every city where the ship stops. But all his messages remain unanswered for many years until they fall into the hands of the writer (Vladimir Vdovichenkov). This is a very touching picture that represents the beauty of the epistolary genre in the era of messengers and tiktoks.

Film-grotesque “It seemed “ is a kind of parody of the festival «Leviafan» and“Fool”. Strong satire on the reality of the Worldn hinterland will not leave you indifferent. The plot spins right away: physics teacher (Ivan Dobronravov) from the small town of Nizhnie Derbyshki, leaving the house in the morning, he discovers a large statue of a female priest in his yard. Everything would be fine, but no one cares about this, the city administration and residents are actively preparing for the finals of the “Best Small Town of the Country” competition. As a physicist and natural scientist, he makes measurements and experiments on the sculpture and warns the inhabitants of YouTube: the flatulence of the ass is high, and it can “cover” everyone. However, the hero remains a misunderstood society and even a spouse (Svetlana Pervushina), which responds with a sacramental phrase: “We have an ass in our yard … – We have an ass at home!” Anecdotality of the situation in style Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin, an excellent cast, recognition of the actions of officials, skillful camera work – these are the reasons why you should watch this film.

Next picture “Expert” again brings us to the problem of the Internet community. The main character is the so-called. “Sofa expert”, a frequent phenomenon nowadays. An older middle-aged man spends a lot of time on the Internet, actively commenting on events on topical topics. Once in his life, an event occurs that radically changes his perception of the world. Suddenly, with the morning bell at the door, a whole retinue of officials, representatives of the secret service, church and security rushes into his life. People in black suits crown our negligent hero and immediately incline him to solve problems of state importance. The spouse who came from the store is considered a threat to national security, there is no need to understand all the time – there are calls from the USA, China, etc. The nuclear suitcase has already been laid out, it remains only to press the red button. The film “Expert” turned out to be a lively, dynamic comedy with a witty denouement.

Picture “Bodyguard” was filmed specifically for the Action !, charity auction, organized by Evgenia Popova and Svetlana Bondarchuk, and raised over 8 million rubles. The short film played Chulpan Khamatova, Alexander Robak, Victoria Tolstoganova, Alexey Agranovich, Maxim Lagashkin, Yana Gladkikh, Evgeniya Shevchenko… This is the story of the transformation of the heroine Chulpan Khamatova into an ash blonde with an exciting neckline and luxurious jewelry rented by a sponsor for a five-minute participation of the diva in the event. A bodyguard (Alexander Robak) is “attached” to the jewelry, which the heroine uses to increase her rating on social networks.

Seventh scene “Varya”, presented in “Illusion”, already has a festival history: the work received a diploma from the jury of the “Kinotavr. Short Film “in 2020. Main character (Varvara Shmykova) enters an internship at the fire department, where she will have to face the difficulties of passing various standards. The image of Varya has a real prototype in life (Maria Vlasova), and not only professionally, but also visually: according to the director Niki Gorbushina, the actress did not even have to change her appearance. The head of the fire department turned out to be Vary’s father (Nikolai Kovbas), which hinders her endeavors in this dangerous profession. This is a film about love – parents and children, love and dedication to the chosen business and profession.

The penultimate work presented at the festival is a painting “Focus group”… A very short, but very bright and familiar situation to many. Representatives of the creative class gather to discuss the script of the commercial. Tired brand manager Marina and director Pavel want to quickly make a presentation and approve the project. But the discussion of a perfectly suitable video for advertising an insurance company comes to a standstill. As a result, the main character solves the situation in an extremely radical way. This is a capacious satire on the advertising business, in which we are also involuntary participants. The key phrase that sums up the story is – “Yes, it’s bullshit, your drama.”

In conclusion, the work was presented “An easy way to quit smoking”… The action takes place on New Year’s Eve, when a young man Zhenya (Grigory Vernik) sends his family – dad (Igor Vernik), mom (Christina Babushkina) and grandmother (Raisa Ryazanova) to the country house to celebrate the holiday. In the old days, they celebrated the New Year together, but this year is special. Wife is already 17 years old – the most suitable age to part with virginity. Having sent an application on a dubious web resource and having seen off his relatives, the guy remained in anxious anticipation. However, the arrived prostitute Victoria Semyonovna (Agrippina Steklova) not only gives the guy a lot of trouble, but also brings him to a new stage in his relationship with his father.

The Street Cinema Festival is a large-scale show of short films in the open air, the main mission of which is to acquaint the audience with independent films by Worldn authors. This year, the event is represented by the online cinema KION, where, after its completion, it will be possible to watch all the films included in the Festival program.

At the same time, on June 19 and 20, the first screenings of the Street Cinema Festival will take place at the Green Theater at VDNKh in Moscow, after which, within three months, the project will travel throughout World and take place in more than 1,000 cities and towns. Along with film screenings, educational public talks and open meetings with famous directors, producers and other participants in the film industry will take place. The Street Cinema Festival is free of charge, and to attend screenings you need to register on the project’s website.

Text – Alya Koldunova