Tabs are reloaded in Safari on iPhone. How to fix it

Apple has been developing its operating system called iOS for more than a decade now, and in that time it has become much more functional than before. One of the key and main components of this platform, at least for ordinary users of smartphones and tablets, is the Safari web browser. It is fast, easy to use and secure, and its interface is pleasing to the eye. In addition to the ability to synchronize personal data of users between several Apple devices using the iCloud service, this application for browsing websites contains a number of other advantages, due to which many people, almost all iPhone and iPad owners, actively use it.

Alas, even in spite of all the advantages of this browser, this software contains one very significant drawback. Initially, some do not pay attention to him, but after a while he just starts terribly enraging. The fact is that in this Internet browser tabs automatically reload spontaneously. This happens even on the latest and most expensive smartphone models, and on any version of iOS operating systems. Even the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the 13-inch iPad Pro (2020) have a similar “problem.” It looks simple enough: if you open a tab and then minimize the Safari application for three minutes or more, all open tabs in the browser will reload.

Tabs are reloaded in Safari on iPhone.  How to fix it

It is obvious that Apple has built special algorithms into the iOS operating system that automatically clear RAM so that it does not consume too much power. There is no other way to explain this situation, because on the same Android platform there is simply no such problem, and therefore the open tabs in the browser will remain in this state until the amount of free RAM runs out. The most interesting thing is that RAM consumes negligible energy in an active working state, so the savings in the operating system from the Apple corporation, which is achieved by spontaneous automatic closing of tabs in Safari, at best increases autonomy by 3 – 5%, and it is only in the best case under the most favorable scenario.

Tabs are reloaded in Safari on iPhone.  How to fix it

For several years now, users of various iPhone and iPad models have been asking Apple to solve this problem or to provide mobile device owners with the ability to independently decide how to use RAM in the iOS settings. Alas, the company does not listen to such requests, in connection with which everyone has to put up with this state of affairs. The only official way to prevent tabs from reloading is to not hide the Safari app for more than three minutes (180 seconds). Also, this problem can be solved differently, but for this you will have to subject the electronic device to the jailbreak procedure and install third-party tweaks, that is, modified extensions.

Considering all the disadvantages of such a procedure (jailbreak), it’s easier to just get used to the fact that the tabs in Apple smartphones and tablets have always rebooted themselves before and, probably, will always reboot in the future. There is nothing you can do about it, because iOS is a closed operating system, which cannot be changed by official means.

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