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As part of the Siberian Youth Cinema Forum, a master class by the Creative Producer KinoPoisk HD Vladislav Rubin “What platforms are looking for among debutants?” Was held. The speaker spoke about the work of the online cinema KinoPoisk HD, interaction with debutants and shared the secrets of a successful project application.

Moviestart publishes the main theses of Vladislav Rubin’s speech.

KinoPoisk HD looking for breakthrough projects.

For the “originals” line, producers are expecting flagship, bold projects. Popular genres besides drama and comedy are fantasy, science fiction, comics, adventure, adult animation.

Serials are a priority. Season – at least 8 episodes, the timing can be either 25-30 minutes or 45-50.

Touch on hot topics, say what you haven’t talked about yet. For example, the TV series “Nastya, pull yourself together!” the viewer liked it precisely due to the fact that its authors were not afraid to tell about the problems familiar to all in a bright, original, human and subtle way.

Think of a strong and ambitious product.

For the platform, every original project is a reputation. Producers are ready to invest in content that can grab the viewer’s attention, hold it, meet their expectations, or even exceed them. The viewer in World is not stupid, he has seen enough, access to world content has now become much easier, so every new Worldn project competes not only with Worldn, but with all projects in the world – keep this in mind when you come up with your story.

The idea is only the first step.

You can come up with a lot of ideas. It is important to be able to develop an idea into a script. And this presupposes talent, experience, skill. There are many times when a beginner fails to come up with a great idea because they simply lack the skills. It is important not to quit, to work, to pump, and everything will work out.

Talented authors are always needed.

Every major studio dreams of opening a new screenwriter, our doors are always open to newcomers, we believe that they can bring a fresh vision and their own original style. But we consider budding authors on a par with experienced, stellar ones. We cannot teach debutants – it takes time, which is often completely absent. Therefore, beginners have to run much faster, pick up on the go, express themselves to improve in the process.

I try to attend almost all pitches and competitions and offer cooperation to authors whose works seemed interesting to me. But whether we will succeed in making a joint project depends only on the author.

Necessary components of the application.

Yandex.Studio has an e-mail to which you can send your project – it’s easy to find this address. All submitted projects are read by the editorial department.

Request for registration of applications:

– the name of the project (you do not need to write “project for Yandex” in the subject line), genre;

– in the body of the letter, indicate the name, genre, timing, logline, describe the main plot in a couple of paragraphs;

– attach a one-page application, also, if available, attach the scenario of the first episode and the serial plan of the season. You can get away with just an application, but most likely, if you like the application, you will be asked to write the first series to understand the potential of the project.

Don’t cheat on yourself.

Keep track of what the viewer likes, what is in the top in views, but only do what you like. You must be on fire with your project. And convince everyone that he is cool.

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