Tencent partnership brings Roblox to China

As it turned out, all this time the Roblox team was not only preparing for the IPO, but also actively preparing a springboard for conquering the Chinese market. The company recently received two licenses from the PRC regulators. The desktop and mobile version of the game will be released by Tencent Corporation. Both companies announced their cooperation last year.

Initially, within the framework of the partnership, it was planned to develop an educational version of Roblox for educational institutions. The plan was to help educators educate children in engineering, mathematics, technology, and science. In general, Roblox takes a cue from Minecraft, which added the Education Edition to its sandbox in November 2016.

There are no exact dates for the launch of Roblox in the Middle Kingdom, but the regular version should come out after the educational one. The latter was included in the list of 42 games approved by the Chinese government. Due to the reorganization of the censored organs, this process was frozen altogether in 2018, and since then there has been an impressive queue of censors.

At the end of November, Roblox representatives filed an IPO application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Thanks to this, it became known that the creators of the popular online platform earned $ 312 million in 2018, $ 488 million in 2019 and $ 589 million in the first nine months of 2020. Next year, the studio plans to earn $ 1 billion by entering the Chinese market.

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