The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From The Ashes has a ton of interesting random events. Here are the best of them with a detailed description of the rewards for completing them.

The excellent Souls-like project Remnant: From The Ashes from the Gunfire Games studio stands out against the background of similar games for several reasons: firstly, it is a matter of well-developed shooting mechanics, as well as unique random events. As you travel from Earth to Rom, to Corsus and other worlds, a ton of random events are generated at each location: some are incredibly complex (depending on the world), while others are incredibly interesting.

Fitting each of these events into one list is hardly an impossible task. And in each of the events you will find a unique reward along with an original mini-story. So, before you are the best of them – events with the most interesting stories and the most significant reward.

Earth: Brabus and Junk Tooth

The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

We’ll list random events in the order they appear in the game, so we’ll start with Earth. In general, Brabus is considered a world boss, but the appearance of his father, Junktooth, and mercenaries in the sewers, along with some details in the battle with Brabus, depends on chance, and therefore we included this fight in this list.

If you manage to defeat both Brabus and Junktooth, you will receive a pocket watch, open a nice shop, and also receive one of three awards for defeating Brabus.

Rum: Clean Room

The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

“Clean Room” is one of the most creative random events, as it involves using an unusual playstyle during its execution.

It all starts with the fact that you enter the cell, where you are scanned, and then “rewarded” with the “Curse of the Citadel”, which slowly reduces your health. The only way to get rid of the curse is to get to the end of the dungeon, however, the event is designed in such a way that a simple run to the finish line should be fatal.

That is why on the way you will have to kill enemies in order to slightly heal, use healing items and, in fact, speed up the entire location in the hope of reaching the cherished exit in time.

Corsus: Fetid Pools

The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

After the release of the Swamps of Corsus DLC, a survival mode appeared in the world of Corsus, as well as a lot of random events, including “Fetid Ponds”.

Once in this location, you need to find a rusty amulet, safely hidden in the dungeon. Then this amulet must be lowered into one of the fetid ponds, after which it will turn into a purified key (but at the same time it will lose all other effects). And already with this key you can open one of the 5 five doors at the end of the location.

There are different things hidden behind each door, so it’s better to go through this random event with friends so that everyone can collect rewards behind each door. Or, alternatively, you can solo the event multiple times to check the loot behind each door.

Yaesha: Flutist

The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Flutist is an NPC that spawns in a locked room on Yesha, which contains a giant faun statue. Hanging from the statue, he plays the same melody over and over on his double flute.

If you can accurately reproduce this melody with the help of the bells hanging from the statue, the flutist will give you the Heart of the Wolf – an extremely useful ring. And if you can play the Guardian’s Song on the same bells, then you will have a new talent – agility.

Reysam: Test Magir

The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

The final world of Remnant, Flight, added in Subject 2923, turned out to be quite interesting – there are enough creative random events, among which the Magir test stands out most clearly.

The event itself consists in the study of a long story about a certain Hakuna Magire and his battle against Lord Drak. Moreover, the details of the story will constantly change (depending on the narrator): they are mainly associated with the wounds of the Magir, the skull in his hands and the crown on his head. Then you will need to inspect the 8 statues of the Magir, which are slightly different from each other, and choose the one that perfectly matches the description from the story.

Earth: Laboratory Leto

The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

It’s time to return to Earth and remember about Leto’s laboratory. To trigger this event, you need to look into the research station, killing oncoming monsters until you find a teleporter.

By interacting with the computer in the room, you can apply the Leto algorithm to the teleport. With the algorithm turned on, you will be able to teleport behind closed doors, thanks to which you will calmly get to the boss of the location. But if you try to teleport with the algorithm turned off, you will be thrown into random rooms in the research station.

Try to find a room in this way that is visually very different from the rest: it is in it that Leto’s armor is waiting for you – the heaviest set of armor in the game.

Rum: Pressure Plate Puzzle

The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

Next on the list is the pressure plate puzzle that can be found on Rum. In the center of the location, near the locked tower, there is a metal platform around which there are stone slabs of the same size. You have to figure out the correct order of clicking on each of the plates.

The first plate is always one of those that surround the metal platform, but then you have to act by trial and error. If you can stomp your way, the metal plate in the center will turn into an elevator that will take you directly to the Void Armor set. But keep in mind that by stepping on the wrong plate, you can summon very dangerous opponents.

Corsus: Brain Beetle

The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

The next random event can be found in the swamps of Corsus, and it is a boss fight (in the style of a fight with the queen named Cessnya), added to the DLC. If you like Starship Troopers, then you will also like the local boss – another brain beetle.

This beetle is called Mar’Gosh, and it will speak to you only if your hero gets the “Parasite” state (for this you need to let ordinary monsters from the dungeon grab you). If this condition is met, it will be possible to buy the “Protective Carapace” armor set from Mar’Gosh, one of the best in the game.

However, if you approach Mar’Gosh without having the “Parasite” status, he will instantly “attack” you (attack means that he will try to escape, calling on a crowd of opponents to help him. If you manage to kill him, you will get The Gift of Seeking is a powerful ring that will come in handy for anyone who relies on weapon upgrades.

Yaesha: Altar of the Destroyer

The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

Until this point, we have deliberately not included random events dedicated to the defense of one point. Why? Because they themselves are rather boring and uninventive.

If you compare scenes in which you have to kill waves of enemies while the door slowly opens in the background, with gorgeous events like Leto’s Laboratory, then the Audience Choice Award will definitely not go to the first category. But for some reason, the “Altar of the Destroyer” (defense of one location on Yesha) turned out to be surprisingly fascinating.

Here, the creators have successfully selected enemies (extremely mobile fauns), successfully constructed a multi-level location and correctly set the difficulty. And the reward for completing the event is the Elder Armor Set – one of the most popular armor sets among fans.

Reisam: Eyeless Statue

The 10 best random events in Remnant: From the Ashes

To start this random event, you need to complete two points: find a statue of a rat warrior without an eye in the world of Reisam, and then get to the Observer’s Hollow.

Destroy all enemies at the location, open the cage at the beginning of the level and carefully examine all the rats. Unfortunately, you will have to kill the one with a bright green eye. Then you need to pick up the eye, return to the statue, insert the eye into the hole and go through the opening to pick up the “Double Shot” crossbow.

And if you manage to kill only the rat you need, without crippling the rest, you will receive the Thug’s Mark as a reward – an extremely useful ring.

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