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Since the release of patch 7.29, Dota 2 has undergone significant changes, so now heroes and items will no longer be the same; thus, players needed to understand the meta in order to play more efficiently and significantly influence the outcome of the game. Many users of the site really understand this topic and always follow every update.

During the development of the patch, you may have wondered why teams choose heroes that were not popular in the professional scene before. One of the main reasons is that some of the previously weak items have been buffed, which has a positive impact on the performance and picking speed of these heroes.

The changes can be different. In some items, the reload speed was reduced, some items became less expensive, and some items increased the bonuses of damage, attack speed and other nice things.

Right now, we’ll introduce you to the five most destructive elements in patch 7.29c to help you decipher the patch. To summarize, these items have revolutionized game and hero choices.

Diffusal Blade

As you probably know, Diffusal Blade burns mana per hit and slows the target for four seconds on a thrown hit. This item hasn’t been particularly impressive in previous patches and was only acquired by a select few heroes like Phantom Lancer.

In the last patch, Diffusal Blade’s agility has increased from 20 to 24, and intelligence has been increased by two. Riki and SLark crave agility, especially in the early and mid game, to attack faster and deal more damage. As a result, at this point it makes sense to buy this item with such heroes in most matches, and not in situational games.

Also, even Ricky, one of the terrifying heroes equipped with Diffusal Blade, has opted to buy other items in place of Diffusal Blade lately. Rather than focusing solely on mana burn, Valve decided in 7.29 to make this item more stat-based.

Manta Style

Manta Style has always been a popular item among Agility heroes. It is effective against negative effects like silence and slow buffs because it applies basic dispel. When Manta Style is activated, it has a split time of 0.1 seconds, which can be used to avoid some projectile spells, but this takes a lot of practice.

Depending on your hero, you can work more efficiently with Manta Style illusions, as the illusions do decent damage. All you have to do is camp in the jungle, send your Manta illusion to the nearest farm lane, and push her out of the safe place in the jungle.

Prior to patch 7.29, Manta Style was not a particularly good item for ranged heroes, as it had a 15 second cooldown compared to melee heroes. As a result, farming with him was not recommended, as you may need him during the next fight. However, in patch 7.29, Valve reduced the cooldown of ranged heroes to the same level as melee heroes, which is a significant plus for ranged heroes like Luna and Drow Ranger.

Armlet Of Morddigian

Armlet was weak in the previous patch, but has been significantly improved. Its health loss has been reduced by 20% (from 50 to 40 per second), allowing you to leave it on for extended periods without fear of damage. It’s such an inexpensive item that almost every Core with a reasonable amount of HP recovery will buy it.

Armlet’s armor has also been increased, giving you six instead of five, which is very important for low armor heroes like Huskar. As you can see, every buff on Armlet has a direct impact on Huskar, turning him into a real game-changing monster, which is why he is chosen much more after the release of this patch than before.

In addition, the bracelet passively adds + 15 damage and + 25 attack speed, and when enabled, it provides + 35 damage and + 25 strength, which is extremely valuable in battles. If you want to buy this item, practice switching Armlet before starting the game itself, because it is necessary to win the battles.

Solar Crest

The main reason this item got so good in 7.29c is because it got significantly cheaper. Solar Crest now costs 1150 gold less than the last patch, which is absolutely incredible. It is worth considering that even support heroes can purchase it in the middle of the game, and main heroes can purchase it even earlier.

Core with +55 attack speed and +6 armor can significantly increase its damage. Solar Crest allows Core heroes to deal significantly more damage, move faster along their lanes, and take out Roshan even easier.

Solar Crest is also a fantastic item due to its low cooldown time, allowing you to use it constantly on your core. This item also benefits melee support heroes like Abaddon and Ogre Magi, who stay in front of their enemies to use their spells and damage.


What makes Satanic so much better than previous versions is that it now performs basic dispelling on the holder when it is activated. It’s so powerful that you can now counter one of Satanic’s main counters, namely the Spirit Vessel. This item used to be a common counterweight to any healing ability on the enemy side.

Valve made significant changes to this clause in patch 7.29c, and it is now stronger than ever. The recharge time of this item has also been reduced by ten seconds, allowing the wearer to use it more often than before, and in long fights, you can benefit from Unholy Rage twice, which is a significant improvement.

Another notable change in Satanic is the inability of your opponents to dispel it. This is one of the most important changes, as previously opponents could remove the Unholy Rage buff using a cheap item like Eul’s Scepter of Divinity. However, this does not mean that Eul’s is completely useless against Satanic; you can still use it on the Satanic grip to effectively stop their attack for 2.5 seconds.

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