The App Store now has a separate section for indie games

More and more people are developing software and games for the App Store, but only a few are able to achieve real success, especially when large development teams brazenly dominate this market. Apple has defended independent developers by adding a separate section to the App Store for indie games created by small and obscure developers.

The App Store now has a section called “Indie Games”, which brings together the best and most interesting games created by independent developers. Any owner of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can open this section and then try to find something interesting for themselves, said an Apple spokesman.

The App Store now has a separate section for indie games

The assortment of the “indie games” section will change regularly, so all independent developers, whose games may be potentially interesting to the owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, will have the opportunity to become famous all over the world, got into this section. Now the “indie games” section has become part of the App Store and will always be present in it.

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