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The book by the famous Hollywood screenwriter and teacher Pamela Douglas is a valuable guide for those who want to try themselves in a genre that has conquered the whole world, and not so long ago found a second wind. From low-quality entertainment, serials turned into real high art and challenged the traditional film format.

The author immerses the reader in a fascinating world, considering the creation of a script in a complex, including negotiations with studios and TV channels, various options for the development of events and ways to overcome typical difficulties in the context of the frantic pace of development of television and the Internet. Pamela Douglas herself went through all the stages of her career as a serial screenwriter and achieved success and recognition.

In this totally boring guide to screenwriting, Pamela Douglas explains why the dramatic principles and postulates laid out by Aristotle will never lose their relevance, what myths about television still hold our minds, and how to present a compelling story when you only have 45 minutes.

“To be able to tell a story, to understand what drives our actions, to have the courage to address the audience’s fears and aspirations, to honestly talk about the main issues of human life – all this still depends on the talent, skill and insight of the writer.”


  • In this book, the reader will find the rules for writing successful scripts, ideas and advice from the largest authors and producers on how to create a flawless series.
  • Pamela Douglas has included interviews with TV series creators David Isaacs (M * A * S * H ​​and Mad Men), Michelle and Robert Kings (The Good Wife), and Wiretap author David Simon.
  • The book is among the top best books on screenwriting.

For whom

The book is intended for readers who want to become screenwriters, critics, those who would like to understand modern media, for students, teachers and those involved in production, marketing and management in the industry.

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