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An open talk was held at the Central House of Cinematographers as part of the X Moscow International Film Festival “Let’s Live” “From Boomers to Zoomers” with the participation of Worldn producers, festival selectors and web authors.

The speakers discussed the prospects for the development of this type of content in World and the world, and also analyzed not only successful, but also unsuccessful cases.

The discussion was moderated by the editor-in-chief of the portal Moviestart, book author “Shoot Your First Film” director Julia Svintsova.

Festival director “Will live”, Head of the Youth Center of the Union of Cinematographers of World Dmitry Yakunin noted that with the development of digital technologies in the world of cinema, significant changes are taking place, grandiose in scale.

Evgeny Gerasimov, festival president “Will live”, Chairman of the Commission for Culture and Mass Communications of the Moscow City Duma, People’s Artist of the Worldn Federation, stressed that thanks to technology and digitalization, modern novice authors have much more chances to get into the world of cinema.

“Today, young authors are in many ways ahead of venerable masters, famous filmmakers. Of course, cult directors traditionally make good films, but many of them live in their own world. And today, when the Internet has appeared, you need to be able to work in it, and our young people are good at it ”, – noted Evgeny Vladimirovich and expressed his readiness to support young talents, to the best of his ability.

I told about assistance to novice authors Dmitry Yakunin… The producer emphasized that his main activity is connected with the solution of this problem.

“I am not only glad to see how young and talented authors come to the industry, but also to work with them, to consolidate them on our platform. It is for them within All-Worldn Youth Film Forum we hold pitches and contests, and this time we decided to provide information support – to engage in educational activities. Thanks to Internet Development Institute we launched the project “Worldn web series: from boomers to buzzers”, within the framework of which we tell what web series are, show the most significant, in our opinion, works, identify problems, define trends, and also conduct interviews with industry players – not only key, but also novice authors “, – said the speaker.

Julia Svintsova added that despite the information support provided by Movistart young filmmakers, the team is only at the beginning of the journey – at the moment the process of the formation of the web is underway, and the authors are increasingly making themselves known.

“In fact, this is a drop in the sea of ​​lighting, the guys shoot a lot of worthy projects, which we will definitely talk about.”, – announced the moderator of the discussion.

A colleague added Jean Prosyanov, editor-in-chief of the portal «», Director of Web Cinema Development CHILL… According to him, the number of projects is growing in arithmetic progression. This is evidenced by the increase in the number of applications for the web series festival. Realist Web Fest, which has been conducted by the producer since 2018 Anton Kalinkin.

“In 2021, we processed more than 2 thousand applications – the web is developing, the festival goes international. This year, as part of the Realist Web Fest, pitching, and in my opinion, the worthy won on it. I like that in World the system of social lift of web series is starting to take shape, ” – stressed Jean Prosyanov.

Among the participants in the meeting at the House of Cinema were young filmmakers who shoot the web. The guys presented their projects and talked about the success in their promotion.

Perhaps the most successful of the presented cases was the web series “Law and Disorder”. Having won the Realist Web Fest festival, the project was successfully held on IVI… According to one of its creators Vladimir Bolgov, the path of the series began precisely in Nizhny Novgorod.

“When you just submit a script, your chances are slim – with such a tremendous amount of information, it is sometimes simply impossible for editors to read all the stories sent. You have a much better chance of success when you shoot a video and show it. In this regard, festivals such as Realist Web Fest, – a great place where you can declare yourself and immediately get feedback “, – said the showrunner and urged novice authors not to be afraid to take their first steps.

“Any project has an audience. If the audience is small, that’s okay, you just need to plan a budget. And do not forget that the idea should always be at the forefront “, – summed up Vladimir Bolgov and announced that he is currently working on a new web series.

The participants in the meeting also analyzed errors using live examples.

Director Alexey Petrashevich presented his project “Lenochka Kasatkina”. This is a light adventure comedy in the style of the Soviet era, which will be “nice to see on New Year’s Eve”. Due to the reconstruction, albeit not far off, but of the historical era, the production of the “pilot” cost a lot for the web – several million rubles. The shooting took place at the expense of a private investor, and now additional costs are required to complete the project.

Oleg Bogatov, creative producer, managing partner of the script school and studio “Cinema League”, emphasized that this is a typical mistake of novice authors – it is necessary to clearly plan costs and understand the principles of work of potential customers.

“People with a television background are sitting on online platforms. They understand the format and timing well. On television, timing is adjusted not to advertisements, but to human perception. It is necessary to take this factor into account: the viewer sits down at the screen in order to immerse himself in the story for at least half an hour “, – noted Oleg Bogatov and recommended to work out your project in detail before spending the funds found.

According to Zhana Prosyanova, the inability to plan a budget and take into account the needs of the customer and the viewer is a complex problem in the circle of filmmakers, especially beginners, and it must be solved systematically.

“There is no junction of competencies. The author shoots a good project, brings it, but the platform wants the wrong thing, as a result, there is no deal, and no one is happy. We need a kind of laboratory where creators will learn to speak the language of the producers. When you start working with tough money, you immediately think differently and approach the creation of your story differently. First we count, then we shoot – the main principle “, – the expert explained.

A lively discussion at the open talk was caused by the history of the project Christina Boreyko and Yanina Melekhova “Remove Masha”… The main character is a young actress who wants to act in films, but she is not taken anywhere.

The girls complained about the difficulties they faced during the project implementation. At the moment, the case has “stopped” halfway – four episodes have been filmed, and there are not enough funds for the remaining four.

“We are ready to either finish filming or re-shoot the series again. Everything is frozen, we need funding. We are often asked why it is so expensive? It’s the web. But from the production point of view, there is no difference: actors cost money, renting a camera costs money, it’s the same working day ”, – explained the participants of the meeting.

Jean Prosyanov and Oleg Bogatov advised not to stop looking for an investor and to finalize the project promotion strategy.

“Define your target audience, put it on the platform, spend some money on advertising. If the hi-concept is not finalized, improve the marketing. Do not be afraid YouTube – first series “Khrustalny” and “Difficult teenagers” were posted on YouTube… If your story gets half a million views, people will talk to you differently. “, – explained Jean Prosyanov.

Oleg Bogatov expressed confidence that the very story about the difficulties of an aspiring actress will fall into the social nerve of a massive target audience – this is an acute problem of the Worldn acting community.

“Get into the audience of female actresses, and the cherished views and interest of the producers are guaranteed to you”, – summed up Oleg Bogatov.

The open talk participants also discussed global trends in the direction of web series. Producer Julia Egerevaby telling about the successes of your project “Destroy Zhanna” abroad, listed the trends that are relevant for the web in other countries. According to her, currently in the world the web is actively produced as part of product placement. On the other hand, Worldn commercials have an optimal price-quality ratio, and this is their competitive advantage.

“The web doesn’t have to be expensive. The Worldns provide high quality at lower prices in comparison with the countries of Western Europe and the United States. This is our competitive advantage “– explained the producer.

Text – Alya Koldunova

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