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Everything that surrounds us tends to go out of fashion and later re-enter it. This applies to cars, clothes, musical motives and even tourist destinations. For example, high-rise jeans and oversized jewelery had once appeared on the covers of popular magazines before a new and more interesting trend took over.

The same situation applies to games. Fans are lining up to get their hands on the coveted game upon release. Excitement and joy will last for some time after getting it, exactly until the moment when a new release appears on the horizon. It can be months or years, but the fact remains that it is almost inevitable. Gaming is pretty similar to clothing and music. The fashion for games is quite cyclical, and often old games, which are sometimes called classic or retro, become popular again. Some are much more popular than their cousins ​​released at the same time. Below are just a few ideal examples for nostalgia for the old days.


Pac-Man is one of the earliest video games. It has attracted the attention of all game lovers since its introduction on the market. The game became so popular that additional sequel releases such as Mrs. Pacman and Pacman Plus soon followed. After Pacmania conquered all the arcade games of the world in the 80s, publishers did not release any new versions for almost 10 years. However, years later, after Pacman’s triumphant return to all kinds of consoles, new versions of the game were released every few years, thereby maintaining interest in the familiar game. Pacman can be played in 3D and in the World Rally format, a little different from the usual maze.

Pacman is a familiar and beloved game that is unlikely to be forgotten by fans, even with all the game variety. It is used in science and for entertainment, as well as for a short trip back in time.

Black Jack

Card games are one of the oldest games to date that have not lost an ounce of popularity. Their appearance dates back more than a thousand years ago during the Tang Dynasty, but it is difficult to say exactly how they were used in games in the past.

Hundreds of years later, after the appearance of the first card games, the emergence of a new game riveted the attention of all players. Today we know this game as blackjack. The principle of the game remained unchanged from country to country, which could not be said about the name. The game was named 21 and 31, depending on the country. The essence of the game is familiar to many: to get as close as possible to the desired number, be it 21 or 31, with the available cards.

In the early 20th century, the game reached the United States. In Las Vegas casinos, the game acquired several additional rules that influenced the meaning of the game, but its name remained unchanged.

Blackjack is one of the most recognizable card games around the world, and many factors have contributed to this recognition. One of them is digital versions of classic card games that can be played online. Online casinos are fairly widespread due to their easy accessibility and minimal planning effort. After all, in order to play blackjack online, you do not need to go somewhere and look for a deck of cards!

It should be noted that the well-known blackjack is a little different from the traditional 21 rules in World (in common people – “point”).


The best classic games that are still popular in 2021
 | Easy Online Work

Monopoly has won the hearts of millions of board game lovers around the world since its inception. The creation of the game was planned to be directed at combating the negative sides of capitalism and enlightenment, but something went wrong. The game is an interactive tutorial on how to become a capitalist and beat all opponents.

It is quite difficult to find a person who has never played Monopoly or argued with neighbors on the game board about buying a couple of hotels. At the moment, there are so many different types of Monopoly that it is already difficult to surprise someone with them. In addition to the classic version, where anyone can buy Tverskaya and Arbat, fans adore the version with the series Friends, Game of Thrones, as well as Pokemon and Empire. Like blackjack, Monopoly is widespread both offline and online, which brings unquenchable popularity to the game every day.

The world of games is huge and beautiful. They help us to escape from daily worries, develop and have a great time with loved ones. With an abundance of new modern games, it is sometimes nice to return to something more soulful and more familiar, and when it is again at the peak of popularity, it is doubly pleasant and interesting.

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