The best knight and medieval games for PC

Medieval games are far less common than you might think. As a rule, in titles where there is at least one sword or a set of armor, bearded hermits throwing magic fireballs at their enemies, which, as we reliably know, the average medieval peasant did not even hear about.

That is why we decided to compile a list of the best PC games in which mythical prophecies and miracles of pyrotechnics completely give way to good old sword fighting. In the end, the mysterious ladies living in the lakes and distributing legendary weapons to the heroes have nothing to do with the real Middle Ages. And putting an experienced necromancer against a blacksmith in a sack of potatoes is simply dishonest.

What could be more pleasant than noisy gatherings in a tavern after you have been cleaning your lord’s pigsty all day for a pittance? Forget about healing potions and get used to leeches, as well as prepare for a harsh life in deep poverty and an untimely death from the plague. Here you will find the best knight and medieval games on PC.

Conqueror’s Blade

The best knight and medieval games for PC

It is a free-to-play MMO set in the brutal and merciless Middle Ages. You play as a warlord, leading his squads into epic PvP battles for two teams of 15 players each. Observe the battlefield both from above and from a third person to be aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of your position.

Participate in siege and field battles with a completely unique style of combat, which allows flexible customization of weapons and units. Of course, you can choose the classic sword and shield for your hero, but other classes with a halberd, a spear, and even a huge Japanese nodachi are available.

In addition, you can join the house and become part of a close-knit gaming guild. Homes engage in large-scale battles known as territorial wars, and if you’re lucky, your fellow Banners will share rewards and resources to help your army grow.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

The best knight and medieval games for PC

The game reflects the whole essence of medieval battles: it is as if you find yourself in the center of a deadly moshpit, fighting for every centimeter of personal space with a mace at the ready, and if someone is unlucky enough to catch it with your forehead, remember your name, because this is how it works in reality. In insanely energetic, intense and insidious battles Bannerlord separates you from instant death with just one well-aimed arrow.

Even if Mount and Blade 2 had nothing but epic battles, it would still be a hell of a lot of fun to play, but in reality, you will find a huge medieval sandbox. Warring factions and empires, trade, romance, bandit raids, side quests, duels and city management – all these aspects complement each other perfectly. The battles themselves are not complete without an element of strategy, since you will have to form troops and give orders to soldiers. It’s a colorful, totally unique hybrid of your favorite open world games, strategy, simulation and RPG titles.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is still in Early Access at the time of listing, so don’t be surprised at some irregularities on her battle chestpiece. However, even at this stage, Bannerlord remains one of the best games about the Middle Ages. For fans of large-scale, exciting battles and lucrative cheese trading.

Crusader Kings 3

The best knight and medieval games for PC

Global strategies from Paradox Interactive are famous for their inaccessibility, but with the release of Crusader Kings 3, the situation has changed radically. This is not only the most accessible piece of Paradox: without losing depth, this title is considered one of the best games about the Middle Ages.

Crusader Kings 3 stands out from other themed titles due to the fact that it is about people, not empires. The game successfully combines RPG and strategy genres. Triumphs, failures, victories and sorrows of the chosen ruler and people close to him await you. In fact, it is a magic box filled with interesting stories.

Let’s say you wanted to deprive your second cousin of lands, titles and privileges, hiding him behind bars on charges of witchcraft. Instruct the royal spy to fabricate the necessary evidence – and a good reason is ready. Or devote your royal life to faith by creating your own religion of nature worship, and at the end of your years rule completely naked, not counting the crown. The game will delight everyone and everyone, especially those who like palace intrigues, conspiracies and coups.


The best knight and medieval games for PC

So, it’s time to answer the most burning question of the list: What is the point in all these games about knights, if none of them can rush across the battlefield, chanting serenades to the lute of other players? The answer to your inquiries exists, and that is Mordhau.

As with the famous card title The Witcher 3, which built an entire open-world RPG around the gwent, Mordhau complements the lute game with first-person PvP battles. The local combat system is based on insane melee with a sword at the ready, along with sieges, horse battles, ranged combat and the construction of fortifications. Striking the right balance between multiplayer action and medieval nonsense, Mordhau is ideal for anyone who dreams of stomping their opponent knight in style and fun.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The best knight and medieval games for PC

Few people now think about how hard it was for the medieval peasants, and it is strange that the creators of thematic titles in most cases ignore the advantages of such a setting. However, Kingdom Come: Deliverance knows how much you dream of escaping reality, so it lets you try on the role of young Indřich, who lost his family and work in this unfair world, full of inequality and fierce ailments, in one fell swoop.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance differs from other games about the Middle Ages by its emphasis on the powerlessness of your hero. At the same time, the surrounding world is full of interesting quests and characters that are lacking in many survival games. The action takes place in medieval Bohemia. You play as the son of a simple blacksmith, who from the doorway gets such epic tasks as throwing the wrong jam at someone else’s house and buying coal. But the situation soon revives, as the life of Indřich is turned upside down due to the civil war that engulfed the country.

Medieval Bohemia, which can be explored on horseback and on foot, delights with beautiful landscapes, while the local roads do not pamper with cleanliness and convenience. In terms of games about the Middle Ages, allowing you to look at life through the eyes of a clearly non-heroic character, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is second to none.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

The best knight and medieval games for PC

Even players not usually interested in medieval games will recognize Asobo Studio’s work in the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and the same technical solutions are presented in a dark atmospheric title dedicated to the horrors of the rat plague – A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Combining elements of adventure and stealth games, Plague Tale tells the story of 15-year-old Amicia and her younger brother Hugo as they try to survive in a harsh medieval world overwhelmed by a supernatural rat plague. An intense, cinematic and sometimes heartbreaking journey awaits you, which is nevertheless worth taking.

Medieval II: Total War

The best knight and medieval games for PC

Before Total War: Warhammer II introduced zombie pirates and ratmen with nuclear bombs, the series was famous for knights in shining armor, ready to fight and die for the luxurious life of their overlord. Medieval II: Total War is not only a Total War classic, but also one of the best global strategy games in the medieval setting.

And although the composition of the units differs from the subsequent units in less variety, the strategic use of infantry, cavalry and siege weapons in Medieval II is traditional for the entire series and will be an excellent introduction to this system for beginners. And don’t forget the many cool features not found in later Total War games, such as the inspiring speeches of your generals before battle.

For Honor

The best knight and medieval games for PC

Most of the titles we’ve reviewed are strategy or simulation games, while For Honor is a good old sword fighting game. Despite the presence of a story campaign, the priority here is the PvP aspect. Players choose one of three factions – Vikings, Knights or Samurai – and participate in intense team battles that look pretty impressive thanks to the presence of NPC fighters.

For Honor was released a few years ago, and the game has already formed a strong community with decent competition, so new players will face a difficult challenge. However, do not give up and give up: these spectacular cinematic duels are worth it.

Bad North

The best knight and medieval games for PC

Most players associate strategies with complex interfaces, endless statistics and labyrinthine menus. Bad North is the complete opposite of these ideas, minimalistic and stylish, so the game is perfect for fans of strategy and the Middle Ages.

Bad North is a simplified roguelike tactical game that challenges you to defend unique procedurally generated islands from the Viking invasion. Between missions, you earn upgrades, and the ever-increasing difficulty keeps you interested. Among other things, the game looks very cute, at least until your miniature warriors sprinkle the welcoming crunchy snow with their heroic blood. Until then … yes, a pleasant title in all respects.


The best knight and medieval games for PC

Attentive fans of Scandinavian culture have probably noticed the similarities between the last two titles: both have the word “north” in the titles, and the Vikings in the plot. But if Bad North is a miniature roguelike chick, then Northgard is a full-fledged real-time strategy, a kind of seagull that is just waiting for the right moment to steal more time from you.

On top of that, it is not one of those RTSs for which one button is enough to build, develop and attack. All this, of course, is an integral part of the gameplay, but get ready and manage your settlement. Assign different roles to the Vikings in the community and match the style of play to the existing conditions in order to win the coveted victory. In addition, the DLC includes war cats. Isn’t it wonderful?

Age of Empires II

The best knight and medieval games for PC

The release date of Age of Empires 4 is approaching every day, and the developers regularly stir up our interest with re-releases of the popular series. Of course, these titles are not limited to the Middle Ages, but given how well each era is implemented in them, it would be a mistake not to include Age of Empires II on our list.

This game is a prime example of the value of classic titles renowned for their excellent quality: both beginners and experienced players are looking forward to the next part and at the same time excited about re-releases. Real-time strategy games with a deeply developed economy and a huge variety of units and technologies will always be in price.

Now you know the best medieval games on PC and you can safely chop off the heads of enemies, polish your lucky chain mail and celebrate victories with strong honey. Feel free to post your raven options!

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