The developer of the legendary Flappy Bird has released another hit in the App Store

An incredible event happened today, which certainly no one expected. Ninja Spinki Challenges !! has been released on the App Store and Google Play by the creator of the legendary Flappy Bird. The funny thing about all this is that this developer had previously assured everyone of the dangers of video games and, in fact, promised never to create games for iOS and Android again.

Nevertheless, the greedy capitalist world has done its job and now, the creator of the legendary game Flappy Bird has released a new game for smartphones and tablets called Ninja Spinki Challenges !!. Thanks to the close attention of the media, the new product has already become a hit and entered the top 25 most popular applications in the App Store and Google Play. If this continues, then very soon she will lead it.

The essence of the game released for iPhone and Android is incredibly simple. The player needs to guide a small ninja, performing extremely easy tasks – to destroy enemies with various weapons, jump over moving obstacles in the form of fruits, bypass obstacles, etc. The game is distributed absolutely free, so absolutely everyone can download it.

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