The Good Life release date from director Swery finally revealed | Easy Online Work

Explore the eerily idyllic Rainforest, transform into a dog (or cat) and ride elite sheep.

After being postponed earlier this year, Swery’s The Good Life has finally announced a release date. The new trailer posted above informs us about this and presents all the dog and cat fun you can have when The Good Life releases on October 15th.

Developed by the rather peculiar Swery, the director of Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, The Good Life looks much more colorful and light-hearted and is an adventure through the English countryside. You play as Naomi Hayward, a photographer from New York who comes to the sleepy village of Rainy Woods. A mysterious client has asked you to investigate some sinister events, and since you are in huge debt, you cannot refuse him. The situation quickly takes a turn for the worse when you find a corpse in the river with a sword stuck in its stomach.

Rainy Woods residents also turn into cats or dogs at night. After all, this is a game from Swery. Eventually, Naomi will be able to bark or meow as she makes her way through Rainy Woods, peeing on the sidewalks, and hunting mice. Several quirky characters can also be spotted in the new trailer, including a Sherlock Holmes guy, a hippie woman named the Forest Witch, and sheep-faced aristocrats.

The Good Life is clearly influenced by Hot Fuzz as Naomi will unravel the mysteries of this eerily idyllic village. The game will be released on Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in October.

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