The mod allows you to play Quake from the top

The Top-Down Quake mod lives up to its promises exactly.

Have you ever wondered how Quake could be much better if it was a top-down action game? Probably not. But, if you were thinking, or you just wondered, then you should pay attention to the new Top-Down Quake mod.

As with any good mod, it takes time to install, although it’s fairly straightforward compared to many other mods. Of course, you will need Quake itself and the FTEQW engine, which supports the functions necessary for the mod to work. Download it here and then extract the resulting file to your Quake folder. Also, do not forget to move the “topdownquake” folder from the archive there.

After that, right-click on the FTEQW file and create a shortcut, then open its “properties” and in the “object” window enter at the end of the line “-game topdownquake” (without quotes), as shown in the photo:

The mod allows you to play Quake from the top

(You can also just run FTEQW.exe with the “-game topdownquake” arguments, but taking a few seconds to create the shortcut will make things easier for you in the future if you plan to run the mod more than once).

After starting the game, it will be displayed in first person view. To change the position of the camera, right-click. The movement controls remain the same as in the first person mode, and you can rotate the map using the Q and E keys. Overall, the mod works very well, but this drastic change in perspective has several drawbacks. For example, you can be shot by those who are out of sight or hidden behind buildings. On the other hand, it helps to approach the game more consciously, at least until you learn how to run and shoot well with the new settings.

And if you get stuck somewhere, there is always a way out: holding the right mouse button will temporarily return the game to first person mode and help you get out in the already familiar way.

According to modder Shpuld, Top-Down Quake is compatible with other Quake mods. You can find out how to run it in conjunction with other mods, as well as study the source code better (if you’re interested), on Github.

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