The most powerful kicks in PC games

Here’s a collection of some of the most impressive kicking in PC titles.

Drop your guns. Lower your fists. Sheath your swords. Hang your bows behind your back or lean them against the wall, whatever, just don’t hold them in your hands. Today we celebrate two of the greatest weapons in games: the leg and … the other leg.

Call it foot fetishism if you like: we don’t hide our love for kicks in video games. Below you will find an animated list of the most effective ways to beat off the sides of enemies with your two. Enjoy the coolest kicks in PC gaming history!

Dying Light: Jumping Smash

Few first-person shooters are capable of delivering physics as well as Techland’s Dying Light. Running, climbing, parkour – every movement is felt here, as soon as you jump over a fence or hit a zombie with an electric blade. However, the stylish kick in a two-legged jump leads in sensations.

Of course, after it you fall to the ground like a bag, get dirty in the dust and probably rip off the skin from the entire forearm, but it’s worth it: how cool is it to hit a zombie in the chest with both boots at once and send it free flight to the very horizon!

FEAR: kicks in bullet time

Despite the name, bullet time isn’t just about bullets. FEAR (2007) is a FPS horror game from Monolith that not only scares skillfully, but also gives players the power of slowing down time with stylish kicks. It is worth combining them – and you can create anything: sweeps, scissors and swoops on enemy soldiers. Come on, go out to battle, Alma!

(Note to Alma: This is just a joke. Please don’t come out!)

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: kick the orcs anytime, anywhere

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic by Arkane is a brutal fantasy action RPG. However, all attention is drawn to the ability to throw enemies with kicks from rocks, into bonfires, onto thorns, and so on. Many players have probably spent 90% of their time getting the orcs into a comfortable position and kicking them as hard as possible.

Do you remember the main plot? Neither do I, because Dark Messiah of Might and Magic was and remains an adventure in which every player’s action is aimed at spectacular kicks of the hapless orcs.

Vanquish: Hurricane Slide with Kickflip

Squatting and squatting under obstacles is too trivial, a completely different thing is to glide beautifully and swiftly towards adventure and give out spectacular kicks to enemies.

7 years after its release on consoles, Vanquish has made it to the PC and is ready to delight us with thrilling jet-gliding knees that smoothly turn into a powerful kick. The giant robot in the GIF from such techniques literally blows the tower. Isn’t it the ultimate dream?

Fistful of Frags: Real Cowboy Kick

Most of us associate cowboys with six-shot revolvers, massive rifles and sticks of dynamite. Kicks do not fit into saloon brawls either: first of all, roundhouse kicks come to mind for the lucky ones, who will fly out of the institution through the characteristic swing doors the next moment.

The Wild West clearly lacked some spectacular cowboy kicks, for which PC gamers should thank Fistful of Frags (2007), a multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2 that eventually became a standalone game. Kick other players as much as you like!

Arkham Knight: Harley Quinn’s Rampant Fun

No offense to Batman himself: The Dark Knight, of course, is famous for his powerful kicks at the bad guys Arkham, and his finishing kicks in the Rocksteady series are damn pleasant from an aesthetic point of view. However, Harley Quinn rightfully becomes the queen of kicks: this occupation brings her much more pleasure than good old Bats.

FIFA 15 Evan and the Brilliant Goal

Remember how PC Gamer editor Evan Lahti took a 3D scan of his face and loaded it into different games? One of them was FIFA 15, in which Evan managed to score an amazing goal, after which his character showed a heart to the camera. Evan commented on his success: “I love to score!”

Resident Evil 4: Killing Roundhouse Strikes

Stun the ganado with a headshot, then finish him off with a roundhouse kick. It’s strange that a bullet stuns enemies, and a leg finishes off, but this is how Resident Evil 4 works. The main thing is to hit in time. And have you seen? One of the infected from this even explodes!

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Crushing Headshots

Faith knows perfectly how to work with her feet: she runs fast, climbs walls, slides, jumps and beautifully eliminates anyone who tries to get in her way. How nice it can be to charge a bad guy in the head from his feet and crush his helmet, and then finish off the villain with a well-aimed roundhouse kick!

Duke Nukem 3D: Mighty Boot

And at the end of our list (which will surely be replenished in the future) is the greatest master of kicks. Duke Nyukem’s strikes, against which no alien can resist, are impressive to this day. These kicks are so chic that even Duke’s reflection can’t keep up with their magnificence. And what could be cooler than breaking all the laws of physics?

Didn’t find your favorite hits here? Feel free to kick us in the comments for this!

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