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In Moscow within Strelka Film Festival On August 24, the presentation of the premieres of the online cinema took place What: in the evening, industry players, film critics, media representatives, etc. gathered on Bersenevskaya Embankment.

CEO of the company MTS Media Igor Mishin summed up the results of the four-month activity of the cinema and shared plans until the spring of 2022.

The producer clarified that in 4 months, Kion managed to release 14 original projects. Among them, the most successful series were “Clinic of Happiness”, “Crystal”as well as a documentary “Durov” (uncharacteristic success for a dock).

TV shows also have high ratings. “Secrets of Family Life”, “Overheard”, “Swindle”, “Two”, “Father Sergius” and others – all of them have been extended for the second season, with the exception of “Crystal”. According to Mishin, the leading actor Anton Vasiliev refused to further participate in the project – immersion in it turned out to be difficult for the actor emotionally.

Igor Mishin also announced unsuccessful projects. “We also have failures. Didn’t work very well “Sport of the XX century”, although the material is curious. Serialities with the participation of TikTok bloggers also did not work – it turned out that their fans were not interested in watching them in a different environment, ”the speaker explained.

However, he noted that it was a valuable experience that allowed to draw conclusions and more accurately determine the target audience of Kion. “Our main audience at the moment is people 30-40 years old who are interested in stories about“ here and now ”,” said the producer.

According to him, at the moment Kion has 3 million 200 thousand subscribers – this is not yet the core of the target audience, it is just being formed.

“While we are only scattering stones, we will collect them later – at least we will work out the first year,” Mishin summed up.

This is due to the variety of genres and experiments with formats. While at the cinema in the near future, one can hardly expect only, perhaps, fantastic or historical films (too expensive). An exception will be projects implemented in partnership with federal channels and major film studios. One of these projects are serials “Union of Salvation” and “Vertinsky” (dir. Avdotya Smirnova), filmed together with “First”. Moreover, “Vertinsky” (a story about a Worldn chansonnier of the early twentieth century) will be presented first on the basis of Kion, and then on TV. The producer announced the premiere of the Union of Salvation in March 2022.

He also listed the series that viewers will see this year:

In addition to “Vertinsky”, this “Official” (dir. Oksana Karas) – a story about an employee of the regional Ministry of Health performed by Victoria Tolstoganovawho became involved in illegal drug trafficking transactions. The premiere was postponed twice: amid the public outcry caused by the vaccination against COVID-19, the creators of the series considered its release inappropriate.

“Sixteen +” (dir. Vladimir Bek, Alexandra Lupashko, Svetlana Samoshina, Yaroslav Lebedev, Sasha Karmaeva, Irina Bas) is an almanac of ten episodes, each of which is built on the music tracks most popular with young people. The main characters are, of course, Worldn modern teenagers.

“Comrade Major” (dir. Boris Khlebnikov) Is a comedy series about the relationship between the younger generation of Worldns and the mature generation of representatives of the country’s law enforcement agencies. “There is a suspicion that this series can become a national hit,” commented Igor Mishin, and the audience agreed with him – the trailer ended to warm applause from the audience.

“Father Sergius” (dir. Kirill Kuzin) – a comedic action-packed mystical series about a former priest who fights against evil spirits. The project is executed in the formatMovie stories – a story presented in the form of a film and a series. It is an experimental platform that allows the viewer to choose how to watch the same story.

“Hair” (dir. Igor Voloshin) Is a detective thriller, a story about a serial killer of young girls, who is caught by a fragile but fearless investigator performed by Linda Lapins… The series entered the short list of foreign and Worldn film festivals and promises to be among the favorites this season. The show of the first two episodes of “Spit” completed the event.

Text – Alya Koldunova

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