The upcoming part of the pixel action platformer Valfaris will be 2.5D | Easy Online Work

A feast of polygons and metal in the style of the 90s.

Valfaris was a gorgeous 2D metal-themed platformer and the most impressive pixel art of Owlboy. Created by Slain studio Steel Mantis, the game was an insanely modern take on classic action platformers like Shadow of the Beast. Now she has received a sequel called Valfaris: Mecha Therion, in which everything has changed a little.

The most obvious change is the art style: it’s a 2.5D platformer, and the character sprites have been replaced with full 3D polygonal models. The world itself is also 2.5D, however you will still be navigating from the side view (sometimes with a clever camera movement). Also, the game doesn’t feel like a platformer per se, it’s more of a horizontal shooter. This time, the protagonist Therion controls an “advanced death and destruction machine” (in other words, a mech), so he will not so much walk between platforms as slide.

This ‘Mech will have three weapon classes, including melee weapons, ballistic weapons, and destroyers, and the’ Mech will be customizable depending on what kind of firepower you prefer. These are major changes for the Steel Mantis series and studio, but we hope they pay off. Release date is still unknown: Steam reports that the game is coming soon.

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