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The web series premieres this fall “Young and strong. Curse of the Survivors “– continuation of a story “The young and the strong will survive “ about post-apocalyptic World attacked by a deadly virus. As a result of an unknown cataclysm baboutMost of the people died, only the young and strong survived, who completely lost their memory and knowledge of the past. For some of them, the remnants of memory gradually returned, and they began to look for their place in the new world. The main character of the series is a young man named Ghosh, who retained his memory after a global catastrophe. He and people like him will not only have to start living anew, but also confront a group of people who want to rule in the new world.

The series, released on the VKontakte platform, quickly gained popularity among young people: the first episode gained a million views in just four days. Additional millions of audience to the project were brought by the StarMedia and Kinopoisk platforms, as well as Odnoklassniki and the YouTube channel of Dixi-TV. According to the creators of the series, the total number of views was about 8 million people.

TV series producer Efim Lyubinsky Moviestart revealed some of the production details for the second season. He said that the plot takes place three years after the events of the first season. The Perm Territory was considered among potential locations for filming, but its landscapes, streets and buildings seemed gloomy to the creators, and it was decided to shoot some of the episodes in the Vyborg Castle – the project team will delight the audience with the aesthetics of the real Middle Ages.

Despite the fact that restoration work was carried out in the castle at the time of filming, the filmmakers were allowed in and allowed to shoot, for which the creators of the series express their deep gratitude.

Everyone’s favorite heroine Zhenya (Anna Lavrentieva) will not, and Gosh (Ilya Malakov) will meet a new beloved Kira (Marina Volkova). Efim Grigorievich explained the castling by the fact that Anna Lavrentieva fell ill with coronavirus on the day filming began, and the group had no opportunity to wait for her recovery – they had to replace the girl with another actress.

“We were upset by this turn of events, but in order for the project to take place, we had to go to extremes. In the film we will explain her disappearance, Gosh will meet another “, – said Lyubinsky.

Gosh and Kira (actors Ilya Maklakov and Marina Volkova)

Other actors joined the project: Maxim Kostromykin, Nikita Addams, Maxim Saprykin, Trofim Korchinov, Christina Shelobkova, Diana Mayorova, Addis de Grant, Olga Venikova (in two roles at once).

According to Lyubinsky, the team on the set works harmoniously (as in the first season) – everyone demonstrates high professionalism, including young actors.

The script for the second season was written Igor Tkachenko… Author of the book of the same name Oleg Divov, based on which the series “The Young and the Strong will Survive” was filmed, did not take part in the project – neither in its first nor in its second season.

“Oleg Divov did not take part in the work on the script and, perhaps, will learn about the existence of the second season from this conversation. This story is entirely the development of Igor Tkachenko. She is connected with Oleg Divov’s novel only by the setting: a world in which, as a result of the cataclysm, most of the people died, and most of the survivors lost their memory “, – explained Efim Lyubinsky.

According to the producer, the second season of the web series turns out to be richer and more difficult than the first – it will have more action and storylines. This time there will be more messages to the viewer.

“Our film is a parable about memory and unconsciousness, a reflection on whether it is possible to build the future by decisively abandoning the past. And, mind you, we do not give an answer. Our task is to put the question correctly. In the second season, this message remains, but there will be others – the second season is about choice. The main character will be forced to make a choice in the finale – which path of development will humanity take. I will not spoil, but the ending will be unexpected. Even for me it was unexpected when I read the script. “, – said the producer.

Now active filming is underway. At the moment, almost half of the footage has been filmed, filming is scheduled for completion in early August. The work uses the latest Chinese technology Kinefinity, the web series will also be available in 4K format.


Ahead is the post-production stage. Here, computer graphics using a neural network are planned – producer Efim Lyubinsky admitted that this is a difficult process, and the group will try to meet the deadline, since the premiere of the first episode is scheduled for September 17 this year. However, the series may come out earlier if we manage to agree with one of the platforms.

At the same time, Efim Lyubinsky does not hide his ambitions regarding the foreign market. According to him, the plans are to promote the series abroad, since the topic of post-apocalypse can be very attractive to viewers in completely different countries.

The first season of the web series “The Young and the Strong will Survive” turned out to be very successful, and speaking, in general, about the creation of web series in our country, Efim Lyubinsky urged young filmmakers not to focus on the form, but to focus on the content.

“When I was a student at VGIK, I was taught by the great Vadim Ivanovich Yusov… And all of his training consisted in one phrase: “You shoot, and we will see.” Today I read interviews with colleagues, in which they say, in fact, the same thing: “You shoot, and if it is done talentedly, you will be noticed.” When I was studying, there was no internet, there was a viewing room, we filmed small educational works for 5 minutes. But history develops in a spiral, and today everything is the same, only new technological opportunities have appeared ”, – emphasized Efim Grigorievich.

Speaking about the potential audience of the web series “The Young and the Strong will Survive”, the producer noted that the project is intended primarily for a young audience that does not watch TV, and the Internet, in this case, is a very successful and effective means of delivering content. At the same time, he added that the viewer does not fundamentally change over time – he always expects an exciting story.

Answering the request to draw parallels between the heroes of the series “The Young and the Strong Will Survive” and modern youth (can we answer the challenges of the world around us), our interlocutor recalled the simple truths of life.

“If I now begin to spread that young people should be ready to defend this, defend this, answer such and such challenges and ask the universe such and such questions, it will be pretentious nonsense. The only thing that young people should try to do is to be happy. It’s enough”, – concluded Efim Lyubinsky.

Text – Alya Koldunova

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