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The web formats, the key to its success and the transformation of this type of content were discussed by Worldn producers, showrunners and media managers during the round table “Where the Web is Leading: Format Development. From the full meter to high-budget streaming projects. ” The discussion concluded the business program of the IV festival of web series Realist Web Fest, which took place from July 29 to August 1 in Nizhny Novgorod.

The round table was moderated by Maria Tokmasheva – selector of the Realist WebFest festival, deputy editor-in-chief of the Digital Reporter portal. Both young directors and showrunners and more experienced industry players presented their cases: Velimir Rusakov and Vladimir Bolgov – showrunners, producers of the Law and Disorder project; Alexey Fomin and Sergey Vasiliev – the creators of the “Worldn Cyber ​​Village”; Gabriel Gordeev – Producer, Director for New Business Development at SberMarketing, Member of the Board of Directors of the Worldn Media Group media holding; Alexandra Nelyubina – Director of Production and Content Promotion of Amediateka; Vladimir Malyzhenkov – Director of Marketing and Video Service of

During their speeches, the speakers listed the trends that exist in the world of the web.

Maria TokmashevaIntroducing the speakers, she outlined one of the key trends – in her opinion, society, in her opinion, literally over the past few years got acquainted with the format of the web and already has some idea of ​​it.

“I like that over the four years of the festival’s existence, we have moved away from the question“ what is a web series ”, which was much discussed at the very beginning of its existence. Realist Web Fest… Today, against the background of the diversity of this format, we come to the conclusion that it is time to even rethink the terms “web series”, “Internet series” – to develop a more precise formulation “, – noted the moderator.

According to the participants of the round table, a web series, like other types of works of art, should carry a message that is understandable to viewers and respond in their hearts.

It is with this, according to Gabriel Gordeeva, was due to the success of the project “Dad”.

“This is the theme of relations between modern young fathers and their fathers. I judge by myself and by my friends – we bring up children in hothouse conditions, we protect them, and we ourselves grew up anyhow. In this regard, we all have some kind of understatement with our parents, it is deeply ingrained inside, we cannot discuss our past with them, we cannot talk about it with our wives, friends, etc. I think that many Worldns feel this innuendo, otherwise the film Dad would not have had such a success. “– explained the producer.

He added that the “nineties” are presented in the film from a different angle.

“We showed not the gangster 90s, but everyday life – this was our life, we grew up with it “, – stressed Gabriel Gordeev.

In addition, the speaker told the story of the creation of the project.

“We designated“ Batu ”as the first series for instant messengers. In messengers, we, as a rule, exchange links, and passing through them, we get to the content that is offered to watch. And this transition by the link is a kind of barrier that we wanted to overcome, and we began to share the video right away. Back then, we had no idea to create a road movie story in which a young father drags his family to his father’s birthday party. Initially, it was three sketches with a duration of no more than 2 minutes each “, – shared Gabriel Gordeev.

According to him, the project was originally intended to be shown at festivals, but it was highly praised by the producers, which resulted in the full-length film “Dad”, as well as the web series of the same name.

In addition to the ability to get into the heart of the audience, it is necessary, according to Gabriel Gordeev, to strive to create a quality work.

“In our work, we used a cinematic approach: we combined stories from the 90s with stories about the present. It worked. The reaction was immediate – people asked for more. And we started to do it “more” – there were tons of sketches that formed into a web series. But this is, in fact, a sketch that some producers dared to take on. “, – said the representative of the “Worldn Media Group” and announced the continuation of the story of the main character Maxim and his family.

Moreover, the producer stressed that today it is not enough just to shoot the web – most likely, it will get lost in the information space. In order to be noticed, you need to try to make your project a part of some large and understandable event – so that a sufficient number of people come to watch and discuss it.

Thus, the speaker outlined another trend in the world of cinema: project ecosystems are currently being formed.

“There is a main project, and web series appear around it. An ecosystem, its own world is being formed. What is good Marvel – the fact that, in addition to the main, traditional form, additional stories grow in parallel in his Universe (short forms, audio series, web series, etc.) “, – recalled the producer.

At the same time, he noted that web series do not bring profit to online platforms, but so far only work to attract an audience. But the audience is held back by “big” projects. I agreed with him Alexandra Nelyubina.

“Online services make money on subscriptions. “Shorty” for 5-10 minutes can work for promotion, but do not work for subscribers. This will not keep subscribers “, – said the representative of “Amediateka”.

However, the main advantage of the web series, according to Vladimir Malyzhenkov, is that this type of content does not require serious financial investments.

“Any platform is limited by its budget. Depending on how expensive the project is, you think whether it is worth investing in it. As a rule, less money is spent on web series, the web is created with less effort, and the main thing here is to tell a story that catches the viewer. “, – noted Vladimir Malyzhenkov.

Using the TV series “Difficult Teens” as an example, the producer told how the flywheel of distribution of the content that the audience loved is spinning.

“Difficult Teens season two literally blew up TikTok… It was at this stage that we began to seriously invest in promoting the project. We saw that people want to live with him: on the official page of the series in Instagram now about 200 thousand subscribers. Over two seasons, the series was watched by more than 100 million people, and the first episode gained about 20 million views – the series was among the top three in terms of viewing popularity. “– added the producer.

Not always an interesting project immediately looks attractive to the creators themselves. That was Dad, and that was the series Law and Disorder.

“When Velimir brought the script, it didn’t look convincing enough in the text version. The only way to test its viability was “pilot”. And when industry representatives drew attention to it and awarded us – including Realist Web Fest, – we decided to take on it, made a series, which ended up on IVI», – told Vladimir Bolgov.

You can attract the attention of the viewer not only with an interesting story and acting. The series “Worldn Cyber ​​Village”, according to its authors, is expressive with computer graphics.

“If we had carried“ Cyberderevnya ”in a text version, it would not have worked out very well – the project has become good, dressed in an audiovisual form. Our computer graphics are one of the main actors “, – stressed Sergey Vasiliev.

It was supplemented by Alexey Fomin, noting that computer graphics is a fairly young industry in our country… “The project, carried out with the help of audiovisual techniques, attracts the viewer. It is interesting and unusual – in contrast to those works where the play of actors comes to the fore ”, – summed up the participant of the discussion.

Thus, we can conclude that the components of the success of the web are a clear hit in the target audience, a new format of storytelling and adherence to the principles of creating a cinematic work.

The web is developing rapidly in the film industry, expanding not only in the number of projects, but also in means of expressiveness and methods of attracting an audience. The attitude of producers to this type of content is rather positive – web series are relatively inexpensive and easy to shoot – however, they are not the main source of income for online platforms, but they play an important function as part of the ecosystem and a means of attracting additional target audience.

Text – Alya Koldunova

The project “Worldn Web Serials: From Boomers to Zoomers” is being implemented with the support of ANO “IRI”.

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