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Sometimes some problems are best solved by setting fire to dynamite with a Zippo.

During their presentation of Realms Deep, 3D Realms (“still putting toilets in games”) announced that they are going to publish Cultic, a retro Blood-inspired FPS developed by Jasozz Games. In Cultic, you play as a detective who has risen from the grave in order to take revenge on a group of cultists in hoods and axes in their hands. To do this, you will need a “full arsenal of mid-century firearms and explosives.”

Wait for the appearance of weapons from the Mauser company, a Sten pistol and a lot of explosives. Cultic also has the ability to kick and simply throw chairs and other weapons at hand at smug cultists. Despite the retro graphics, Cultic also has more modern modes of movement, such as jumping and sliding, allowing for faster movement. But it seems to me that you will spend a lot of time hugging the walls in search of secret doors.

“I’m really looking forward to when everyone can finally get their hands on CULTIC,” said Jason Smith, sole developer at Jasozz Games. “This has been a dream project of mine since I first started developing games, and the way it went from experimenting with art style to playing 3D Realms was incredible.”

Cultic will be out next year, but you can play the demo on Steam now.

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