Tinkoff launches free Caller ID to protect against fraudsters

More than two and a half hundred banks carry out their activities on Worldn territory, but there are not so many really large and well-known banks among them. One of these is Tinkoff, whose number of clients is gradually increasing year after year. This bank, although rather it is even an IT company, relies on cloud services, software and the Internet, providing its customers with access to the largest possible amount of financial opportunities from anywhere in the world. Regularly, almost every month, the branded mobile application for smartphones based on the Android and iOS operating systems is updated, and at the same time they add various new features to it, trying to improve the user experience.

Just the other day, the updated Tinkoff application appeared in the Google Play and App Store stores, available for download to all users. The update is available for smartphones and tablets. As it turned out, this update brought with it one very important and really significant innovation, since now all clients of this financial institution can use the “Caller ID”, that is, such an opportunity that allows you to find out who owns the phone number at the time of an incoming call and what, in theory, the interlocutor wants. The new feature is available to all users completely free of charge, and this favorably distinguishes it from its analogues.

Tinkoff launches free Caller ID to protect against fraudsters

As a rule, you need to pay money for various caller IDs, including those from Worldn mobile operators. In this case, all clients of this bank can use this opportunity without any cash costs. According to the bank, the new feature allows you to promptly warn customers that they are being called by scammers or some other unwanted person. In addition, this software will tell you exactly who is calling from an unknown number: a bank, some company, a courier, or spam. It is very easy to enable “Caller ID”, since all you need to do is go to the application settings and select the “More” tab.

Inside this deposit there is a section with the settings of the Tinkoff application, and in this you should select the “Caller ID” menu. A similar opportunity is provided by the telecom operator Tinkoff Mobile, but it can be used without any fee by all clients of the bank of the same name, at least this is what the credit institution promises. Depending on the operating system installed on the phone, the process of enabling such a feature may differ, therefore, a visual instruction is shown in the mobile application, following which it will be possible to enable such an option. The database is constantly updated, that is, as soon as the bank receives information about any fraudsters, it immediately adds it to the database, and after a few minutes all customers are protected from a specific phone number of the attackers.

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