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The stranger from The Outer Worlds can take on one of several colorful characters as his partner. And which of them is best suited for this role?

The Outer Worlds is the ultimate sci-fi adventure. The main character in it is the passenger of the “Nadezhda” (the abandoned ship of the colonists), who was taken out of suspended animation and asked to save the rest of the passengers before it was too late. An addictive RPG full of humor and satire invites us to plunge into the exploration of the entire solar system with unique planets, interesting quests and, of course, colorful partners, in the company of whom any adventure will only get better.

These partners help out the hero during quests, helping to complete various tasks related to their skills, and sometimes even give practical advice. Therefore, it is recommended to find yourself a good partner in the very first hours of the game, especially if you plan to quickly pump your character. Moreover, they have not only practical benefits: your companions are able to brighten up your wanderings around the colony of Alcyon. But only six of them were honored to be included in the list of the best partners in The Outer Worlds.


Top 6 Companions in The Outer Worlds
 | Easy Online Work

This is the Electrical and Trash Disposal Automaton found in the storage room aboard the ship Hopeless. To activate the robot, you need to complete the “Sweeper” quest, during which you will have to find a spare part in a warehouse in Roseway Gardens. It is she who will allow you to launch the SAM.

If in the future you decide to take SAM with you to complete quests, then the Stranger will increase the levels of Intimidation, Hacking and Science skills. The mechanical partner is also useful in battles with other robots, but if your hero suffers from “robophobia”, then he will receive debuffs, including in the presence of SAM. Aside from the useful skill buff, SAM is not the most interesting partner and is of little use in those moments when you and your squad are pondering an important plot decision.

SAM does not have a line of tasks that is typical for all partners, and this is slightly upsetting, because the authors of the game clearly know how to do interesting sidequests. Little is known about his past (aside from his short romance with an AI named ADA). The fact is that SAM is not conscious, and therefore it is not as interesting to communicate with it as with other partners. However, his upbeat slogans always bring a smile.


Top 6 Companions in The Outer Worlds
 | Easy Online Work

A medical retrained mercenary who can be found aboard the Pathfinder. To lure her into your squad, you first need to help her friend Jesse. This will launch the Worst Contact quest, after which Ellie will want to join the Stranger’s squad.

In the presence of Ellie, the hero will significantly increase his healing skills, as well as the level of Lying, Medicine and Engineering skills. However, it should be borne in mind that Ellie is very distrustful, does not radiate friendliness and often acts only in her own interests. Nevertheless, she does not lack professionalism and she is ready to get involved in the adventures of the protagonist (even if they are not always legal).

The chain of quests dedicated to Ellie makes it clear how the heroine got distrust and alienation from others. In these assignments, we meet her parents and learn a little about the conditions in which she grew up. Here we are waiting for, perhaps, one of the easiest moral choices in the game, because you are unlikely to refuse to help Ellie. Unfortunately, even after this act, the partner will behave distantly with you, and therefore it will turn out to build a strong friendship with her. But over time, she will begin to treat the Stranger a little warmer, even if she does not openly admit it.


Top 6 Companions in The Outer Worlds
 | Easy Online Work

When first aboard the Pathfinder, a heated argument can be seen between the guards and a young rebel named Felix. It soon becomes clear that he lost his job after beating his foreman with a tossball stick. These, of course, are not the best first impressions, but Felix himself with all his heart strives to get into the Stranger’s squad and show what he is capable of.

His presence in the squad increases the level of the skills of Persuasion, Opening of locks and Stealth. He is also proficient in melee weapons, including tossball equipment (after all, he is a huge fan of the sport).

Talking with Felix, we gradually learn about his rich past, as well as about the gang in which he was previously. If you prove yourself as an understanding person, ready to help the guy, Felix will become very attached to your squad, perceiving him as a real family. This way, you can feel like a real parent, guiding Felix and helping him become the best version of himself.


Top 6 Companions in The Outer Worlds
 | Easy Online Work

Nyoka is sure to be the last potential companion on your adventure as she hails from the dangerous planet Monarch. You can find her at the Yacht Club bar in Stellar Bay. After drinking a drink and completing the Passion for Medicine sidequest, you can recruit her as a guide and go to the Monarch.

Nioka is a skilled mercenary and an invaluable ally in any battle, especially when fighting monsters. Moreover, with its help, you can increase the levels of the skills of Lie, Medicine and Stealth. Despite the severity, at heart, Nioka is a surprisingly caring person.

Nioki’s questline also has an epic ending, in which we slay a terrible beetle womb to avenge the death of Nioki’s comrades. And this is perhaps one of the best companion quests in the game. He vividly demonstrates to us Nioka’s devotion, and at the same time helps her to let go of the past. And after this quest, you can enjoy the numerous stories of Nioka, which she tells with enviable consistency.

Vicar Max

Top 6 Companions in The Outer Worlds
 | Easy Online Work

This is a Vicar who can be recruited into Edgewater. To convince him to join the squad, you need to find the forbidden book for him during the Handbook in Pictures sidequest. And Max is driven by his craving for the knowledge of the Equation and the “Plan”.
The Vicar in the squad increases the level of Intimidation, Hacking and Science skills, and also handles the shotgun perfectly and increases the effectiveness of your combat effects. But these are not all the reasons why Max is considered one of the best partners.

Max may seem like a rather unpleasant person at first. He is not shy about rudeness, and sometimes behaves like a real snob. But try to ignore this, because then you will have an amazing partner task, during which Max goes through an interesting story arc. Before his eyes, everything that he believed literally collapses, and only with your help does the hero have a chance to regain peace of mind. After that, your companion-in-arms is transformed for the better (although it remains slightly pompous), gives out useful advice and, by his actions, tries to make the world around him at least a little more pleasant.


Top 6 Companions in The Outer Worlds
 | Easy Online Work

Almost the best character in the entire game, not to mention the fact that this is by far the best partner. You can meet her during the main quests in Edgewater. Once you chat with Reed Tobson, you will have the opportunity to take Parvati with you on your next quest.

Parvati is able to increase the level of Persuasion, Lockpicking and Engineering skills. Moreover, by including Parvati in the squad, you will be able to find more modifications, as well as effectively stun enemies with the help of her Overload skill.

Parvati is a cheerful, friendly and incredibly kind person, although sometimes she behaves a little squeezed in the company of strangers. You can help her overcome her shyness by convincing her to ask Junlei out on a date. As the story progresses, Parvati becomes more and more confident, and it’s a real pleasure to watch. Parvati can eventually become your best friend in The Outer Worlds, and her hammer will become an indispensable weapon in any battle.

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