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And also they vaguely hinted what to expect next.

Valheim’s astounding success (6.8 million sales) led to big changes in the lives of its developers, Iron Gate Studios. While the team is still working remotely, the studio opens new offices, hires new talent … and decides to buy a pony (aka “little horse”).

The latest update from the developers reads: “In a way, we’ve already recruited a new member, so say hello to Valheim-horse! We collaborated with our friends at Skvde ryttarfrening (Skve riding club) to provide their school with a new horse (formally a pony). Isn’t she beautiful? You will undoubtedly see her in the future. (Which does not mean that we are announcing horses in the game itself, Iron Gate is only going to go on an excursion to the stables in order to see our four-legged colleague). “

Check out this pony!

Valheim developers bought a real horse
 | Easy Online Work

Along with detailing some of the minor changes – a complete overhaul of the harpoon mechanics, for example – the developer post tells us about the studio’s progress on the next major game update called Hearth and Home.

“The update is starting to take its concrete form, and over the past month we have made a lot of progress with the completion of new items and mechanics. Of course, there are still many things that we would like to update before the release, but we don’t want to rush too much. ” The developers promise us more updates in June, but now they say that the studio will not disclose the release date of the update until it is “in a state in which we can proudly present it.”

While official updates seem to be in the top spot, one of the reasons for Valheim’s continued success, namely the huge and creative community of modders for the game, is starting to grow rapidly. Whether you want to build huge ships or rip apart Odin’s own great magic bong, players are already creating incredible things based on the same desires. I mean: expect a pony mod for Valheim from day to day.

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