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It turns out that the Vikings liked to take a couple of puffs from the bong to increase their stamina. Such is the news.

While everyone is patiently waiting for the big Hearth and Home update for Valheim, you can relax a bit. For example, spending time with friends. Well, or with marijuana. Rather make yourself a bong in Valheim, Vikings.

Odin’s BongLantern mod adds to the game the ability to create a magical bong that, even while on your back, can illuminate the area around. You no longer have to carry a regular flashlight with you.

But first of all, it is still a bong, so you will need to adapt in order to calmly wield a weapon under the influence of substances. Speaking of substances – surprisingly, wearing a bong reduces stamina costs when running and jumping. Hardly anyone felt a surge of stamina after smoking in reality. People are more likely to sit hunched over in an armchair and watch some stupid movie that temporarily doesn’t seem so bad to them.

To create a bong flashlight, just take 10 crystals (dropped from the Rock Golem in the mountains), 25 resin and go to your artisan table (if, of course, remember where you left it). This is a great use for crystals that are not officially used for crafting yet.

If you’re looking for larger scale Valheim mods with a similar theme, then you’re in luck. Pay attention to Valweed, this mod doesn’t just add a bong to the game, it allows you to plant and grow your own grass, as well as make rolls for additional buffs. Valweed seems a little more realistic than Bonglantern (although it depends on the type of grass). Here, smoking increases hunger and gives a bonus to rest, which is more like reality.

Valheim mod adds Odin's magic bong
 | Easy Online Work Valheim mod adds Odin's magic bong
 | Easy Online Work

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