Valheim mod allows you to transfer crafting stations

You no longer need to return to base for repairs and restocking.

With the new Valheim mod, you no longer have to interrupt expeditions to fix anything. Now in the game you can create a mobile craft station, namely, tie a workbench to a cart.

New to Nexus Mods, Crafty Carts from developer rolopogo adds three new types of carts to the game. In fact, these are mobile versions of existing stations – a workbench, a forge and a stone cutter. The cost of each of them coincides with their stationary counterparts, you need to pay only 10 bronze nails for new moving parts.

As with regular tables, a radius can be set around the new carts, allowing you to place a temporary base camp near them while traveling. According to user comments, these workbench carts tip over slightly more often than usual. Fortunately, they can be repaired on site.

This small add-on is made specifically for Vikings with a great passion for wandering, who will always prefer exploring the world to being at home (although if you feel like traveling in style, be sure to try this fast hot rod).

For those who prefer not to travel, Valheim’s Hearth & Home update is coming soon, which should significantly improve the game’s building mechanics. Unfortunately, little is known about the details of the update.

Valheim mod allows you to transfer crafting stations Valheim mod allows you to transfer crafting stations

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