Valheim signed chests mod will change your life

Each chest automatically shows an icon with an item inside. No more wooden signs!

Since the release of Valheim, players have been battling not only trolls and greydwarves, but developers as well, wanting better storage chests.

At first, someone discovered that it was possible to stack chests on top of each other using small wooden shelves, then it turned out that they took up less space when placed sideways. So wooden signs for marking quickly appeared in the game, but it is still easy to get confused among the rows of identical chests.

Well, now there is a solution that will make your life much easier. The ingenious Item Drawers mod adds new chests to the game (they can be crafted from 10 pieces of quality wood) that will turn your vault into a model of organization.

Place any item in the chest and an icon with the image of that item will appear on its outside, as well as a number indicating the stored quantity. Looks great. Now you can easily understand not only what kind of item is inside the box, but also how many there are.

You no longer have to open chest after chest trying to remember where the sausages have gone. You will no longer have to mistakenly throw dandelions into the ore chest. You no longer have to rush to accidentally click on wooden signs. They won’t be needed anymore! The boxes will sign themselves automatically.

And this is not the only plus. The new drawers also make it easier to sort and store items. If you take out all the contents from them, the icon will not disappear, so even an empty honey crate remains a honey crate. A simple mouse click will automatically move all items from your inventory to the corresponding chest, allowing them to be quickly unloaded immediately after collection. If you want to change the purpose of the chest, you can quickly remove the icon and return it to its original appearance.

Despite the fact that each of them can only store items of the same type, the new chests are much smaller than the standard ones and are installed directly on the wall, so they can be easily stacked on top of each other without thinking about any shelves. Okay, maybe the mod is tricking the game’s storage system a bit, but just think of it like Viking magic.

You can find this beautiful mod here on Nexus Mods. As with many other Valheim mods, it requires BepInEx to work. Once installed, simply place the Item Drawers dll file in your plugins folder and you can turn your repository into paradise.

Valheim signed chests mod will change your life Valheim signed chests mod will change your life

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