Vampire Bloodlines 2 premieres in Fall 2021

Paradox Interactive co-founder Ebba Lungerud warned in an interview with Swedish website Placera that the game should not be released soon. The project will definitely not appear in the first half of 2021. The reason, as in many similar situations, is a pandemic and the need to work remotely.

“We need a batch of devkits to make versions of the game for next generation consoles. Due to the pandemic that has affected many industries, the production of consoles is difficult for both Sony and Microsoft, so the number of consoles available for developers is severely limited. “

The release of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 at the end of next year is not too surprising given that, in addition to supply issues and remote work, the studio has left the studio, and in particular, chief writer Brian Mitsoda, creative director Kai Clooney and senior designer Kara Ellison. Recall that earlier the release of the game was planned for the spring of 2020, in December 2019 it was even possible to pre-order in EGS with a 75% discount for the New Year holidays.

Many fans are concerned about what is happening around the game. They note that the situation resembles the problematic development of the first part, which, as a result of haste on the part of the publisher, forced the Troika Games team to release a “raw” game. Because of this, Vampire: The Masquerade failed in sales, and the studio went bankrupt, and did not have the opportunity to fix bugs and problems with the game.

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