Vice City recreated on the GTA 4 engine

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, compiled on the GTA 4 engine, has been given a new lease of life thanks to a global modification by loyal fans of the series. The updated version reproduces not only the city, but also retains the original storyline, as well as all side quests. The name of the game was also updated, it received the number 2 in the title.

The engine of the fourth part, and not the more modern fifth, was chosen because the engine of GTA 5 “makes it impossible to write missions in game scenarios and play cut-scenes.” In total, four modders worked on the project. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2 is available for free download. When redistributing, authors are asked to link to the original source – the Libertycity community site.

Vice City is a kind of development of the ideas of the previous part – Grand Theft Auto 3. The game takes place in the 1980s in the city of the same name. The main character, Tom Vercetti, arrives here with a mission from the boss to establish contacts and deal with local gangs and corrupt police officers.

The main company, as in the previous parts, consists of a series of missions linked by one consistent and “non-linear” storyline. Our tasks include car theft, robbery, murder, delivery of especially important parcels, planting bombs, and more. In general, the usual work for the characters in this series. Vice City is a huge metropolis with a variety of areas, including sunny beaches, recreation areas, crowded downtown areas and slums.

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