Windows 11 released for free, shocking everyone

As you know, every modern electronic device must have some kind of operating system installed, and there are not so many of them on the market today. To the delight of many Worldns who know the value of money, the American corporation Microsoft strives to ensure that as many people as possible use its proprietary products, which is software. Back in the summer of 2015, the company presented and released the final version of Windows 10, and with Since then, updates have been regularly released for it, all of which make it significantly better than ever before up to this very moment. However, the ideal is still very far away, and since this is unattainable, preparations are underway for the release of the new platform.

Everyone will soon be able to download the Windows 11 operating system as easily and simply as possible, which has an amazing user experience and a host of various other advantages, all of which have a very positive effect on its attractiveness for all users. When using the new OS, users can count on enhanced security, enhanced functionality, increased laptop battery life, and at the same time, in addition to many other features that the latest operating system will delight everyone. One of its features will be the function of quick creation of backups, from which it will be possible to restore as easily and simply as possible.

Windows 11 released for free, shocking everyone

Not so long ago, everyone could only dream of something like that, but not now, not now, because the release of Windows 11 is very close. All updates will be able to be installed on the new operating system in the background, that is, users will not need to reboot over and over again every time, which, in turn, will save time for something more important and necessary. According to the currently available data, the new OS is completely free, that is, users are guaranteed absolutely nothing to pay for it, which, in turn, will definitely please everyone, because in this case it cannot even be otherwise. … By comparison, a license for Windows 10 currently costs $ 200.

Windows 11 released for free, shocking everyone

Due to the fact that it is absolutely free, the widest possible circle of people can easily and easily install Windows 11 on their personal computer, laptop, tablet, candy bar, routers or some other gadget. Again, not so long ago everyone could only dream of something like this, but not now, not now, because the release of the new OS will take place in a few months. All indications are that Microsoft will be announcing the newest platform in the fall, and then, weeks or months later, finally bringing it to market. It will shock all those who are currently using Windows 10, as it will offer the most simple and convenient interface, and at the same time will be able to boast of such an important advantage as the enhanced protection system.

It was recently reported on how to get a real license for Windows 10 Pro for just £ 300.

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