WoW player spent 5 million gold and helps others as an “NPC” | Easy Online Work

In MMORPGs, sometimes one subtle action can win the favor of the entire community. A good example of this is the behavior of Bearded_Bear96, who spent five million gold to buy the rare Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount. This mount has unique features that allow the owner and nearby players to access the auction and repair their equipment.

These capabilities are very important, since there is no auction house in the main city of the new add-on, so performing these seemingly ordinary actions requires quite long trips between locations. It should be noted that the developers deliberately do not add the auction to new regions with the release of the next DLC. This is done so that the rest of the world is not empty. Since with the release of the new addition, most of the players rush to master the new content and tie their “stones of return” there.

If, however, an auction is placed in a new region, then the players simply will not make sense to return to the old, well-researched part of the world. Thanks to players like Bearded_Beara96, many users save time on flights and other travels, which can often take 20-30 minutes or more. The owner of a unique mount writes on the forum that it is not at all difficult for him to leave the game turned on so that players can use his mount as an NPC merchant and auction.

Players, in turn, thank Bearded_Beara96 and send him various gifts via in-game mail. He admits that he often has to spend 10-15 minutes looking through all the messages and thanks, but this does not tire him. It’s worth noting that five million gold is a significant amount in WoW. Tokens can be purchased from the World of Warcraft Auction House, allowing you to get extra play time without paying a subscription. Currently, one such token costs about 120,000 gold and offers a month of free play. It is not difficult to calculate that a player could buy 41 tokens for 5 million gold, which is about 450-530 euros.

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