Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 is the world’s best tablet and here’s why

As you know, one of the largest and most famous electronics manufacturers in the world is Xiaomi, and it creates and produces both extremely cheap models of electronic devices and very expensive ones belonging to the category of premium electronics. To the delight of many people who really really know the price of money, a tablet computer such as Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 will soon be officially presented and then launched on sale. Today, March 25, 2021, a reliable source shared details about the future novelty, and thanks to such details, it can be concluded how attractive this electronic device is.

Currently, there is a certain lull in the market for tablets running Android, since only a few brands are engaged in the creation and release of such, while the rest of the companies abandoned such actions a few years ago, because over the years the demand for this kind of electronic devices does not increase, on the contrary staying at the same level. It is reported that Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 will go on sale in May-June 2021, that is, in just a few months. In practice, this means that the new product is announced a little later than previously expected, because some sources assured that the brand had planned its announcement on March 29, but, unfortunately or fortunately, such information was not confirmed.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 is the world's best tablet and here's why

The novelty will become the best modern tablet in the world in terms of price-quality ratio, as it will get a simply amazing user experience and a whole host of various other features that the new tablet computer will definitely delight everyone with, because otherwise in this particular case there is no way even can’t come close. This electronic product is equipped with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor with an increased clock speed, and specifically for the implementation of gaming capabilities, the device has been added a cooling system with increased efficiency so that it does not heat up under heavy load.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 is the world's best tablet and here's why

The tablet straight out of the box will run on the Android 12 operating system in the form of MIUI 12 firmware, and its display will receive a refresh rate of 144 Hz. Nevertheless, the advanced version of Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 will receive such a high refresh rate, while in the usual this value will be at 120 Hz, but even it is equivalent to that in the iPad Pro tablets, the cost of which has long exceeded the price tags on many ultrabooks. Users are also waiting for four speakers, providing stereo sound from all sides, and at the same time support for the branded stylus, which will go on sale along with the novelty. There is still no exact data on the cost of the new tablet, however, according to preliminary data, its purchase will cost $ 249 for the base model with a 64 GB drive. Whether it is a lot or a little – everyone must decide for himself.

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